It’s simple.

To My Fellow White Americans,

To the confused, the scared, the misinformed, and the intentionally ignorant, the purpose of the African Americans protesting, is simple. They are not wanting to take over America, take your jobs, your neighborhoods, or your place in society. They want to stand side by side as equals. They want to be treated as the citizens they are. They want to be treated as good as tourists from other countries are treated.

You want to say there are violent people on TV every day on the news that validate the need for harsh policing. You want to say they have the same chance to climb up and out of whatever situation they are born in to as we are.

How can someone pull out of a place when they aren’t given the rungs of the ladder, or better yet, when they don’t have a foundation to put the ladder on in the first place?

This is not a lie. Facts are facts. I’ve worked in the system. Even in good school systems I’ve seen children falling short, not always because of the school, but because of their lives at home. Their lives at home? Lives that are the way they are due to lack of good jobs due to either education, or the perceived lack of African American’s ability to handle certain jobs.

Systemic? Yes. We may not realize it, but it is there if you start reverse engineering it. If you do not see it, then you are blind or do not have life’s engineering degree.



Writing from Georgia, the Deep South.

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