Be Okay with You!

Be okay with who you are. I am okay with who I am. I guess okay is a mild world but I think if I went around saying I am great with who I am all the time I would sound a bit strange. Sometimes I feel like junk, so even though I understand it, it’s part of my everyday life now, and I can look past it to my life overall, I’m still going to say okay.

Some people out there, motivational people, don’t like you saying things like “I’m okay”, they want you to say “I’m fantastic.” Sorry but I’m not a subliminal self-cheerleader. If I want a cheerleader, I have three that I can turn to anytime who will help me out.

So, it’s fine to say you’re okay. You knowing you mean is what matters.

Now, part of being okay with you is realizing that whatever you are might have some feedback coming. An example is my being in a handicap spot at the grocery store when I look healthy. I’m going to get looks and comments. I don’t say anything but I still feel it, but I’m good with it. If I have a problem with it, believe me, I’ll say something and I’ll say it in such a way the person would be standing there with their mouth open wondering what just happened.

It’s like my son likes to do at school. He’ll explain something to a bully in such a way the bully has no idea what was just said and feel so dumb they have to walk away. It pays to be a nerd/gifted kid who reads at least 4-5 grade levels ahead.

But here is a piece of advice to the friends of those people who are okay with who they are. You be okay with them. If a situation like the handicap spot comes up, follow their lead. If they don’t have a problem, you don’t have a problem. Trust me, the okay person knows what to do better than you do most of the time.

Me? I don’t feed the ignorance. I see the same people at places and I don’t get the looks from them. They have either figured out I belong in the handicap spot or they realize they have no influence on me. And just like the bully, they walk away.

Now some of you will say that you can’t ignore everything, and believe me, I know that. When it is aimed at you, do what you want to, but when it’s your friend? Yeah, it’s your friend’s call.

I’m an easygoing guy. Well, I am mostly. Mess with my son? It’s on like Brenda Song. Hmm, not sure that is the write rhyme, but hey, I like Brenda Song.

We give fuel to words and actions. We do this for ourselves for positive good or we can give it to others for use for negative bad. The choice is yours. Do you have the strength to be okay with who you are?


Much Love, Success, and Respect


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