My Teacher

My Teacher

by: Ronovan


Who would I want to teach me on any given topic?


Jesus and love of others without fail.


The Word of God has been misused through the centuries for man’s purposes and has marred the truth of it. Man’s traditions have twisted the true meaning of the teaching of Jesus and become part of denominational divisions.


I attempt to love everyone regardless of everything. What they do is not what God meant for them to be. I understand that and try to push those actions away. It’s difficult sometimes.


Jesus does teach me through his words and even his actions about love, but it would be magnificent to be in his presence and hear those words spoken and see the actions. I’m a historian by education and training thus this prompt brings out so many facets that I churn inside.


I will leave it there. Jesus and love, that’s who I want and the subject.


From The Daily Post prompt today.

No image for this one. I think for obvious reasons.

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