The Most Interesting Person I’ve Met This Year is…

The Most Interesting Person I’ve Met This Year is…

by: Ronovan


He walks a little slower than most with his head down in avoidance. You’ll see him move his head quickly, almost jerkily at a movement entering the edge of his vision. He cocks his head to listen for sounds that he won’t hear but does all the same.


People look at him oddly as he walks through the store. It’s not that he looks that differently than anyone else, but they can tell something is not quite right. If they could see his shaded eyes they might be able to see more than they would care to.


The list is completed and the basket filled as quickly as he slowly can. He smiles at the moving lips of the lady at the register and slips the bags into his cart and heads outside. Eyes are hidden and lowered as they move side to side rapidly. Home is waiting, his life is waiting. The car is parked in the front space in the lot.


Sanctuary welcomes him as he settles in and looks through his notebook and makes new old discoveries. The screen flickers on and a world appears before his eyes. Thoughts flash and he types. Feelings are transplanted to words that reveal subconscious memories.


The sound of a lawn being mowed intrudes and his protection is pushed in deeper and his new coverings are added to keep the sound away. The train whistle alerts him of more intrusions and his fingers leave the keys and cover even the new coverings. Increased of pain will drive out the thoughts, the feelings, those undiscovered memories.


Night drapes the world and his notebook his filled with reminders of names and things to do and remember. The crackling of pages matches the crackling of spine. The moan of the wind through the old house echo the sounds escaping his throat as he moves.


Tomorrow he will begin again, knowing that at the end he may well forget everything to start anew the next. He thinks of his mantras; It’s Never a Bad Day with Jesus Inside, You only Lose if you Give Up, and…


It’s not where you’ve been but where you’re going.


I close my eyes thinking about the man I’ve been for the day and finally go to sleep with the notebook next to me with the word ‘Read’ on the cover. People are interesting, even yourself.


© Copyright-All rights 09, 2014.


42 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Person I’ve Met This Year is…

  1. Oh fabulous fabulous! Here I was trying to think and rethink as to who I could write about. Read your blog …why wasn’t I clever enough to think of that! Brilliant.


        • Think of a person you know that inspires you to be something you want to be, then describe that person in ways that are more on the emotional level than the physical. How does that person make you feel and use that as the character part of the exercise. Interesting and inspiring to hand in hand to me.


      • Me too – I can so relate to the petrified feeling when you “put things out there” – I have to silence my mental list of people who I don’t want to read it and remember a mantra on facebook – if they don’t want to read it they should have treated you better… Still working out where that fits with a culture of honour though… I loved this piece, it’s my favourite yet of yours


        • Thank you again. 🙂 I am surprised that people liked it. I thought it was a bit predictable coming from me, but I honestly couldn’t think of anyone.


  2. This was so beautiful. It put a little ache in my heart but made me smile as well. I loved it through and through. Truly inspiring.

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  3. Reblogged this on Michaelphelps1's Blog and commented:
    OH HOW I WISH DAVID JANSSEN were here today to read this Script . . . to plan hjis body lanbguage, his facial expressions, the intesinty in his eyes, reflecting each scene as it unfolds in “THE FUGITIVE” . . . oh how I wish RONOVAN were there on the set in that long ago period of time to WRITE this stellar script.


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