Take the Pills

Take the Pills

by: Ronovan

Coffe and Pills

“Take the pills. They’re supposed to help you,” she said.

The pills looked familiar to me. The kitchen windows had that morning light blue glow. I like that time. “Why are there so many of them?”

“Because the doctor said you have to take all of them,” she said. “We have to go through this almost every day.”

I looked at her. “I just like to know is all.” I took the small medicine cup full of pills. Some of them were kind of pretty to look at and had cool shapes. A mouthful of water and I swallowed them all at once.

“I would choke on all of that,” she said.

“Practice makes perfect I guess. You want to try it?”


“What do they all do?” I asked.

“Pain, vitamins, memory, joint pain, inflammation, and a lot of other things.” She was annoyed.

“Any side effects?”

“Pain, memory loss, joint pain, swelling, loss of eye sight…,” she said.

“Great. And I take this every morning?”

She nodded. “And night. I have to go.”

I went and typed, and typed, and typed some more. The windows changed from peaceful blue to angry orange white.

“Here are your meds?”

“Why are there so many?” I asked.

She sighed. “Because the doctor said you have to take them all…”


© Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites.wordpress.com-June 17, 2014.

35 thoughts on “Take the Pills

        • Thank you very much. 🙂 When I saw the lesson I froze, because due to my memory problem I don’t really remember a lot of conversations, so I went with one that I had just had. Writing 101 has brought many things out in style for me that I want to explore.


          • For me it stirs up some things I would prefer locked away. I am still finding my voice and my style. I am definitely being stretched by blogging U, much more than I expected. Sorry to hear about your memory problems


            • Writing 101 has brought out the darker writing for me in my poetry. I haven’t enjoyed that but it has seemed to speak to some people. They can relate, so I use it. God doesn’t bring us to the darkness but He will bring us through it and use it for good. So I go by my two mottos. Be Still and let God be God, and It’s Never a Bad Day with Jesus Inside. 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much! Not exactly the things I planned to share, or in the way I meant to share them really. But that’s just what comes out when I get out of the way of my brain and let it work. 🙂
      Much Gratitude


      • That’s what I’m ‘working on’ – getting out of the way of my brain.. guess will have to stop ‘working’ 🙂 and just be. With respect, Florence


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