Bursting Balloons

Bursting Balloons

by: Ronovan

Popping Balloon

Giving advice is kind of like playing Russian roulette. You load up and put that bullet out there and there is always that chance someone is going to pull the trigger and the bullet is going to come back at you.


Today I reblogged a piece from my friend at InsideTheLifeOfMoi regarding letting go of those things inside that hurt you. She used a piece of advice she had received about putting your hurts in a balloon and the letting it go. The POINT of the article was to Let Go of your hurts and pains caused by others.


Someone responded about how dangerous releasing balloons is to wildlife. You see, my purpose for reblogging the article was to help my friend Amanda out who has been on vacation for two weeks. I wanted to keep her articles circulating here and on Twitter where I would Tweet her articles along with her handle.

I don’t like to upset people and harsh words of negativity tend to not settle well with me in the past year since an accident. Don’t get me wrong, I am okay with constructive criticism or a well worded argument, but just taking the opportunity to promote your own idea in a not nice way doesn’t set well with me. The words weren’t harsh or anything like that, just surprising to see is all.


Yes, I like to hear both sides of something, but it needs to be presented well. I’ll forget about this come tomorrow, for the most part. That’s one fortunate thing about the short term aspect of my amnesia. But there will still remain some nagging something inside about something.


I mentioned in another writing about what words do. I attempt to write in a way that is fair even if it isn’t something everyone will agree with. Perhaps people might find it difficult to believe I would write something controversial but I write about my faith at times, but I do it in a ‘not in your face’ type of way or in a ‘respectful of others’ way.


I think that’s what is flying all over me at this particular moment. And I do understand that we all will receive negative reactions to articles we write. I’m prepared for that. But for this lesson today this is what was in the forefront of my mind so there you go.


If you’re going to respond to something and want to be listened to, do so in a manner that doesn’t start off by putting the writer’s defenses up. I’m just hoping Amanda doesn’t get mad at me for reblogging. I don’t want her to end up getting some type of negative reaction from this.


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7 thoughts on “Bursting Balloons

  1. Good post. I’m with you, democratic presentation of an argument is important to be heard. I have to admit though that I’ve pressed the ‘post’ button before and thought later that my comment was too direct. It’s not that this is necessarily bad, but we don’t always know the people at the other end or how they might react, right?


    • Very true. The truth is well, as long as you are being honest and not being mean about something then go ahead. Sometimes the truth cannot be presented any other way than in away that someone is just not going to react well to. That’s fine. 🙂 It’s those that are intentional with it or don’t try to present themselves in a good manner that get to me. By the way, I’ve been trying to think of a reply to your ”The state of what we are’ are article. If my brain allows me to remember I will attempt to put my thoughts into word form.
      Much Respect

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  2. You have amnesia? I never would have picked that up! How pervasive is it? Some kind of head trauma, I presume? And by the way, I agree with you completely 🙂


  3. Writing is a frightening thing. Even when your Right about something, there can still be an aspect of it that is wrong.

    Where is the line drawn?

    Letting your hurts fly far away is a beautiful notion, and likely very helpful to many people. On the other hand, I can see that setting off some red flags, and rightly so, with environmental people.

    Perhaps, the best one can do is be sensitive to those that are offended, but to keep in your mind and heart the audience you are reaching and helping in an uplifting and positive way.


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