Balloons – The Art Of Letting Go

I’ve been Reblogging some of Amanda’s best articles while she’s been on vacation. Best to me from her means funny. One thing about funny people is that they are funny because they are really also sensitive and deep people. I TRY to be funny, but fall flat most of the time.
This is an article that shows Amanda is more than a punch line or laugh track. This great advice. I’m serious. You really do need to read this one.

2 thoughts on “Balloons – The Art Of Letting Go

    • Since you responded to my reblog of Amanda’s article I will reply.
      The article from my point of view was about releasing the hurts and pains we hold inside that ruin us and destroy us. The balloons themselves were really of nothing to me. In truth I didn’t even really notice them in the article so much more than a metaphor for the encapsulating and release of pain.
      I doubt either Amanda or anyone wants to encourage anything that would harm wildlife.
      Her concern was to help her fellow readers who deal with their lives.
      Thank you for bringing what happens when the balloon release method is used. Perhaps this has been shared with Amanda. I may even do something about it on my blog as well, if you don’t mind that is, and possibly link back to you?
      Much Respect


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