Plastic Rings and Latex Things & The Side Effects of Therapy

Plastic Rings and Latex Things & The Side Effects of Therapy

by: Ronovan


Hello to my Faithful and perhaps some infrequent Flyby Friends of the Lost Mind. We are gathered here today to discuss . . . Therapy!

Screaming Woman Silhouette

No, don’t run, don’t hide, and do not DENY!


I see you with your Krispy Kreme donuts. That . . . is NOT . . . therapy. Or is it?

Therapy is defined as ‘treatment especially of bodily, mental, or behavioral disorder’.


Oh my. Look around my little site and you will find much disorder, won’t you? I keep meaning to organize things but cannot seem to remember to do so. I would winky smiley face but I don’t have the strength. My right index finger is sprained. I may have to use the naughty middle finger instead. Perhaps I need a Krispy Kreme. DonutsFor my Friends of Foreign firmas that are terra, that IS how the company actually spells the words. Don’t hate the spelling, eat the cake . . . the donut or doughnut if you want to really drag it out—whatever just eat the freaking pastry!


Woman with Migraine

Do you take headache medicines? Did you know there are side effects? Do you ever read them?


“This may cause rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.”


And that’s just for Tylenol, and not even all of the possible ones.


I have to take medicines for my Fibromyalgia and my Migraines. Yes, I capitalize the M because they have earned it. If I don’t do so they then remind and demand it. But these medicines say they may cause pain in the joints or muscles and cause Migraines. Oh and of course possible death. Perhaps that is just their covering themselves from any oopsies.


So where am I going with all of this?


There are controversial therapies for treating all sorts of things. To relieve migraines and other such head ailments they once drilled holes in the skull. Of course then there was using leeches for those who were anemic.

Drilling Hole in Head

(My apologies but I just could not bring myself to show the leeches. I am freaking out thinking about it.)

Now there is a balloon therapy for releasing your worries, pains, and hurts caused by either other people or just life in general. I learned about this on my friend Amanda’s site, Inside the Life of Moi, a wonderfully entertaining and tasty fare you really must partake of. Nom nom nom. Nom nom nom

(Please remind me never to type ‘nom nom nom’ ever again for the rest of my days. Thank you.)

On this particular occasion Amanda became more serious than usual and shared a personal experience where she tried the balloon releasing suggested by a friend. This was after she resisted stabbing the innocent pain bombs as they floated around her. You really need to read the article. I may be explaining it incorrectly. I just know there were balloons and possible stabbings involved. Is it possible to band aid a balloon?


Upon reblogging said article I received replies about what the releasing balloons does to wildlife and the environment. Of course neither Amanda nor I would ever wish for any living creature to be harmed in any way. Amanda was merely saying people needed to let go of what ails them in order to heal. If she had for a moment thought an article such as hers would cause her intelligent readers to storm the stores for balloons and helium tanks to harm the planet, she would not have published said article.


Thus we come to a side effect of the balloon therapy, wildlife endangerment. There are plenty of sites that will give you all the details, but just know that latex isn’t good for wildlife. Choking of course is one side effect.


It reminds me slightly of the movie Happy Feet when the penguin voiced by Robin Williams has the six-pack plastic ring holder caught around his neck and then he ends up almost choking to death because of it. For a cartoon where you knew there was no harm you may have laughed. I didn’t laugh, but I have become or have always been a bit sensitive about certain things in film.

lovelace happy feet

In real life the penguin would have died. Is that a pretty picture to you? Funny?


“Ronovan, oh Ronovan,” I can almost hear some of you say. “Why are you writing all of this drivel and randomness?”


Therapy. I was hurt by the response and a feeling of being attacked. These hurts were the side effects of being nice.


“So don’t do it again.”


Oh but I will, and you know I will. But as Amanda suggested, I’m letting go. I’m putting my hurts and pains down in words, placing them in the blogosphere, and letting them go. What will be the side effects of that?

. . .

. . .

. . .

Amazing looking Tacos
gettyimages © Original Photo by Lauri Patterson

Perhaps a life time supply of tacos will come my way.

To all of Fine Friends of Fellow and Foreign firmas, I say Farewell For now.

Much Respect, Much Love, And Much Much More


Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites© 27, 2014.


12 thoughts on “Plastic Rings and Latex Things & The Side Effects of Therapy

  1. What fun I could have with plastic things, latex and a lifetime supply of tacos…

    Told you my humor was weird (giggle)

    I’m sorry, I read Amanda’s post, and while I understand the concern, a valid one, the harshness was uncalled for. Life in the new world I suppose.


  2. The world is full of critics. What they fail to realize is that when they’re pointing their finger at someone else, there are 3 (THREE) fingers pointing back at them. May I offer a therapy suggestion? Whatever religion you practice, it doesn’t matter, “God,” “The Universe,” whomever you say your prayers to listens. If you have a bunch of garbage floating around in your head, and you no longer want it there, visualize pulling each thought out of your mind through your “Third eye” and placing them all in the palms of your hand. Now you’ve got this handful of, well, garbage. Extend your hands upward and give it to God. Tell him you don’t want it anymore. Don’t just go through the motions. If you are sincere in your efforts, you will feel a sense of relief almost immediately. Try it. What’s the worse that could happen? Sore arms from holding them up so high? So don’t. Leave them sitting in your lap, but give them to God nonetheless. My son and I do this almost daily. Maybe we’re just nutts. Or maybe it’s like a placebo effect. Or maybe there might be a bit of truth to what I’m saying. Our God doesn’t want us to suffer. He wants us to experience life. We cannot do this if we are mentally stuck in our own minds. Ignore those who feel the need to point out your flaws (they have their own issues, trust me), and if you can’t, add them to your pile of garbage, and hand it all over. Hope this helps…



  3. Don’t we all need a little therapy? I love apple fritters, but alas I am a diabetic, and it is forbidden. Could I get one and eat just a nibble each day? Surely you know that’s impossible for a compulsive and food addict!

    I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you about the blogger award. I’m so flattered, but I was nominated a couple of weeks ago. Thanks a million my friend for your encouragement.


  4. I say that we all have to do whatever it takes “to get us through another day”. Some people will disapprove of what others do no matter what they do, so what is the point of worrying about them? They have a right to their opinions just like everyone else does, and we all know what they say about opinions.

    Hope this made sense, it does in the battlefield that is between MY ears!

    Enjoy your day!


  5. Thats very much true,,,,, We have one saying,”Everything comes with a Price”, Post is really good. I have migraine too. I understand how terrible is to tackle it. While you need to figure out some reasons. Like I got migraine when I am under hot sun. I need to wear shades, otherwise I am gone for the day. Secondly, my doctor suggested me to relax in the dark room without any noise and go to sleep, when I have it. It takes time but have worked for me. Hope work for you too. But it too has side effect, Everyone in your house have to stay quiet for a long………………. 😀


    • That was the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Awesome phrasing. 🙂 If you are on twitter you need to Tweet this; “And take my advice, never read the warning labels….it’s bad for your health.”

      Liked by 1 person

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