Reblogging: The How and Why

If I Reblog someone then THEIR blog article will be looked at instead of mine.

I guess some look at blogging as a competitive thing. Personally, I blog to write and enjoy the company.

First, if you are new to blogging or looking in to blogging as something you want to do, you may want to know what Reblogging is.

Reblogging is when you read the post someone has written and you enjoy it to the point you want to share it with your own readers. If there is a button on the screen that says Reblog then you can click that button and normally type a message in a field that pops up. Then you click enter or send and part or all of the post will appear on your blog with your message at the top to introduce the post to your readers. Some Bloggers even Reblog their own Posts.

Why are the reasons you would ReBlog a Post?

  • You really like an article.
  • An article inspires you.
  • The article is informative for your friends.
  • A friend is on vacation and you want their blog and name to continue to be seen in the community.
  • You want to help a new blogger by sharing their wonderful work with my friends.

Always do an honest Reblog. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

Now for how to Reblog properly.

What, I don’t just click Reblog?

You can, but if you really want to do it right you need to take another step.

This is what I do when I see a blog article and realize I am going to Reblog.

Step 1

I go ahead and pull up my Posts page in the Dashboard.

Step 2

I click Reblog on the other person’s post and type in something appropriate as to why I am Reblogging the article.

Step 3

After I have Reblogged, I refresh my Post Page in the Dashboard section and there is the Reblogged Post.

Step 4

I copy and paste the Tags from the original bloggers page into the Tags on the Reblogged post, click Add, and then click Update.

Why do I do this?

Sure, by Reblogging some of my Friends that are not the other persons Friends will see it but with the Tags included the article will be in the WordPress Reader for people a second time and maybe draw attention.

In all honesty, in the marketing world, sometimes it takes a person seeing something 19 times before they will take true notice of it or do something about it. No, I’m not going to Reblog a post 19 times. But if you see an article you like Reblog it. Maybe other people will do the same and that’s a few more times it gets passed around and those search engines can find them.

This doesn’t take but a minute of your time, and if you truly enjoy something, then do it. You do two things with your blog;1) You have fun with it, and 2) You provide your Friends with the best and most relevant thing for them you can. Sometimes that best is something from someone else.

That’s all for this Blog Tip.

For  a related article  click here to go to Blog Tip: Links to Blogs and Articles-How To and Why. You will leave this page by clicking the link that is embedded in the word here in the previous sentence.

Much Respect to my Friends and to those passing by.



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24 thoughts on “Reblogging: The How and Why

  1. I’ve only ever reblogged something once and that was in my very early days of starting my blog (Februray 2014). Thanks for the tips in your post, Ronovan. I would only have done like most do (step 2), had you not posted this.
    I certainly appreciate all the really good advise you are posting because, for someone like me (a new blogger), it’s helping me not just with my writing, but also in promoting what I like.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are on the home page of my site. I need to look into that. But these are them. Advice, Blog Tips, Blogging, Blogs, Community, How to, Reblogging, Steps to Reblog, Writing


        • Excellent. 🙂 You did it. 🙂 I see both at your link. It shows your comment, and part of my post with a read more. 🙂 And this is how we support each other. It’s not a must thing, but when you do find that article you just want to share with your Reader Friends you want to do it so everyone benefits.
          Great job!


            • 🙂 Bloids maybe? I know some don’t like to reblog because it shows up on their page and maybe takes the place of their article, but I’m just not like that. Blogging is a fun thing for me, and even if it were something I were to make money at, why wouldn’t I want my Reader Friends to see something I enjoyed?
              Great to hear from you. I’ve missed your comments.


  2. I have reblogged before, but I am not sure that I followed all of the steps. I will need to read it again and be sure that I have done it the right way. 😀


  3. Thank you so much for writing this Ronovan. I haven’t been able to get re-blogging to work on my computer, (but it’s really playing up). I’ll have to try it on another.

    There are so many wonderful writers here. I’m always reading things that are absolute treasures. I did want to have a regular feature called in the guest house. So I hope I can get things working right. Thanks again for this post.


  4. You have such a great attitude, Ronovan! My favourite thing about being a first-time author is being able to develop my writing in the midst of such a supportive, interesting and motivating community. Love it 🙂


  5. You’ve taught me another useful thing, Ronovan. Going to have a go at it as I often reblog articles. I pen a few words to go with the reblog but it never occurred to me that a little more was required. Sometimes it seems that even the thing you thought simple isn’t so simple at all. Not sure how much more information my poor brain can cope with! Wish I could just go ‘Abracadabra’, and whatever I want done is done – perfectly. Anyway, I’m reblogging this post on


  6. Reblogged this on geraldineevansbooks and commented:
    I thought reblogging a post from another blogger’s site was simply a matter of clicking ‘reblog’ and penning a few words to go with the reblog. Now, thanks to ronovanwrites, I’ve discovered that another tiny little step is incredibly useful in the sharing process. Why not have a read and find out what that step is?


  7. Gawd! I can’t reblog at all now, never mind do it efficiently. But I’m in the middle of having my website redesigned, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Or else it’s just me. 😦


    • Well I show you did the reblog through my dashboard even if it disappeared into the netherworld on the way. 🙂 You enjoyed the article, got something from, I have a new friend and that’s what counts. That and a wondering if you would like to do an Author Interview for my Lit World Interviews site? If you would like to do an interview, a list of questions I send after perusing your site, I can be reached at I mean you can put your email here if you like but wasn’t sure if you wanted to. But I saw your books when I visited and I just had to ask for an interview.


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