The Taste of Blah

The Taste of Blah

by: Ronovan


The Daily Post Postaday asked what taste would I give up. That’s easy.


I would give up the taste of Blah. I wouldn’t want to taste Blah any longer. You put that spoonful of something in your mouth and . . . Blah happens. Food is an experience to me. Satisfy the taste buds and you satisfy the human.

McDonald's Pink Slime

Taste a truly delicious home grilled steak, or stuffed squash blossoms, then go to McDonald’s. Blah happens. Oh you think it was good before, but then you realize it is all disguised pink mush Blah. Give me spice, give me life, give me truth. Do not give me MSG and fakery.


Blah. It’s not what’s for dinner.


Much Respect


Copyright-All rights reserved-© 30, 2014.

12 thoughts on “The Taste of Blah

  1. Funny post. I hear you though on the pink paste. I rarely go out to dine, I’d rather cook myself. Home made is just better.


    • I know that’s right. Oh, there are some great foods you can’t get just right at home, but for the most part, home cooking is the best. 🙂
      Tasty Buds


  2. If i hadn’t already been turned off fast food, this picture would have done it. Disgusting pink snake. The last time I ate chicken at McD’s was just before I saw this picture 🙂


  3. 🙂 I don’t know what ya’ll eat over there but here we like our meat real, with spice and nice stuff. And some of our fast food joints serve it just like that. But nothing beats home cooked.


    • Some of our fast food gets it right too. If you try one place’s hamburger and then a McDonald’s hamburger you realize McDonald’s doesn’t taste like a burger. It might taste okay, but it’s not the real thing.


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