RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #2 Rewind


RW Weekly Haiku Challenge


The prompt words for Challenge #2 were Turtle and Snail.

I think a lot of people went with the land loving Tortoise on this one instead of the smooth water gliding Turtle but that’s okay. The contrasts were two fold here in land and sea as well as the smooth and relatively fast pace of the Turtle compared to the must be moving Snail because they are never there when you look later on.


Click the site links to go to each Haiku.

Kate of DazzlingWhimsy gave a really deep thought Haiku this week. I really enjoyed it and . . .  well just go look.


Cyril of Cyril Bussiere got the Turtle instead of Tortoise here but I am still wondering how long it stayed there for that Snail to get to where it did.


Honua of Embracing a Wounded Soul did a great job. I loved the image she used. I still laugh each time I see it. Yes, I am laughing now. Your screen is shaking, right?


The Laughable Cheese of Welcome to Writers Town . . . well . . . I laughed. There is a bit of dry wit there.


Eloise of Thoughts by Mello-Elo nailed it this week. I have to truly name her the Big WORDsmith this week. Luckily I remembered she had written one.


Florence T of Rambling On gave us two selections. The first was quite good, the second . . . quite tasty.


Marcy of Illustrated Poetry gets the scientists award this week. 🙂 I really should make up awards like that. Who would have thought of using T-rex?

Thank you to each person that participated. I greatly enjoyed seeing the results. Reading them makes me want to push myself a little more in my own Haiku.


Much Respect



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