There is no ‘Let’ in Love

“I let you love me.Romantic Silhouette Tizard Images


“I let you into my world.”


“I let you determine our lives.”


Everyone, I want to say . . .


There is no ‘Let’ in Love


Also, there is no Allow . . . in Love. Letting someone do something is a phrase that has always rubbed me the wrong way, or so I believe. I know it does now, because when I find myself writing the word let or hopefully catch myself, I cringe and must examine why the word let is being used. As with everyone who is conditioned in this society of letting and allowing, those phrases slip through even when we are looking for them, so forgive me if you find them.


I wrote an article a bit of time back called ‘Don’t ALLOW people to control YOU’. Allowing is a bad word, just like letting. You allow and let things happen to you that are in your control that are possibly not good for you.


You let me fall in love with you?

You have no choice in the matter.

You let me into your world?

I am in the world already, I just found you in it.

You let me determine our lives?

No, you say yes or no and determine your own life.



You let a child have a cookie. You cannot ‘let’ someone feel.


Then what is it we do with love or at least what am I driving at? Love is acceptance of things as they are. If you are with someone and find out you want to change certain non life threatening things about them or they want to change you . . . yes there may still be love but it is not THE love.


Perhaps you are not a fan of certain types of movies, TV shows, music, or foods. You do not ‘let’ the other person enjoy those things. When you realized you were in love with them and then expressed that to them, you then ‘accepted’ them as they ARE. That is part of what makes them who they are. Why want to change what brought you to them in the first place?


Do not enter a relationship thinking about a change occurring later on. The only thing that will change is the end of the relationship or the straining of one to the point of years of miserable.


I love you, I am in love with you, I give you my love; these are the phrases of love. In none of those phrases does the word let fit. In none of those feelings does the word let fit.  In none of those phrases is permission being asked. Perhaps you will reject the phrases, but believe me when I say that the speaker of those words will continue on regardless of what you say.


In conclusion if you find yourself thinking the words you are letting the person in your life do something, rethink it. Are you letting or are you loving? Are you letting or are you accepting?


I have been brief today. If you need more explanation then let me know.


For all of you lovers reading, is it let or is it love?


Other articles in the future will deal with what you do ‘Let’ happen and ‘Change’ for love.


Until then,

Much Respect & Much Love




2014 © Copyright-All rights

9 thoughts on “There is no ‘Let’ in Love

  1. Great Post Ron…you love someone the way they are…with their good as well as bad sides…and if you accept them to change it means you never loved them truly…


  2. What you say is so true. And it is true even beyond the area of love. Letting someone do something and/or seeking or giving permission is only appropriate in parent to child interactions. Seeking and/or giving support is very different than seeking or giving permission

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