Blogging Tips: 3 More Ways to Increase Your Views . . . the easy way.

I’m a fraud.

I’m a fake.

I’m a liar by mistake.

I’m a spinner.

No complaint.

Hope this doesn’t make you faint.

(If the rhythm feels familiar you may recall a song by Meredith Brooks that was quite popular back in the mid 1990s. I just put my own words to it.)


Do you ever get the impression a blog site must be old and the blogger has years of blogging experience? People have said that to me about my site and experience. My experience has nothing to do with the age of  my blog, four months and counting I believe, or vast technical know how related to blogging, Google is a friend y’all.

Where does my experience come from and my sites modest level of following? And yes it is a modest level believe it or not. It comes from pouring my heart out to y’all, researching various ways a blog works, and using my 11 years of marketing analytical skills, my eduction, and my gut instinct. But most of all, I use my love of people. If you want to increase views to your site, love people. Just love ’em and be honest in your writing. You don’t need to read any further. If you are really into making some quick success of things then read on, but if you want to make it easier and more relaxed . . . love ’em.



Don’t content your viewers to death! (or yourself)

I’ve learned this one through my own personal experience. In the early going  of your blog (if you are out to generate traffic/views/people visiting your site) you need to put out a bit more content. Then settle down. Work on a good piece and put it out. And then sit on it.

How often you put out content/articles/posts depends entirely on the purpose of your blog and your own need at the moment.  If you are wanting to develop a loyal reader following, give them quality pieces and give them a chance to read them, react to them, and you a chance to respond to those who comment. You may write a magnificent article or poem but it gets buried in all of your content. I’ve done it! This is something I have recently become passionate about. I get an idea, I write, and hit publish. I can’t help myself. Write a great piece and run with it for a few days then publish another great piece.

Putting out your great pieces slowly, even if you have five prepared will keep you from burning out.



Pay attention to what what viewers are clicking and liking.

I have to admit this is not one I do very often in regards to determining what I write. I do notice and in speaking with blog friends I’ll comment on it. But I write what I write. But if you are wanting to specifically bring in followers and viewers, write what they like. You think that’s an easy one, right? You would think that’s one we all should realize. We don’t. One thing about this, if you’re trying too hard to write for the readers, the readers can tell, and it begins to sound fake, and becomes a turn off.

My content is me. Why that appeals to some people, I have no idea. People in person don’t find me appealing. (That may have sounded a bit wrong there . . .  or maybe it sounded right.)



Scheduling for the right time of day.

I believe I have mentioned this in other articles but I’ll repeat it because it saves you time. Americans are the biggest blog viewers around. I’m an American blogger. When I write, I write for the whole world in that I write on universal topics. When I schedule my articles to go out I take three things into consideration.

  1. What is my regional target?
  2. What age group am I targeting with the article?
  3. When will they be at work?

If your blog is geared toward, or article is specific to one region/area/country of the world then you need to consider what age group your largest amount of readers are in because of when they will be available to read the articles.

Being an American blogger I schedule my articles to publish normally around 9AM NYCT or Noon NYCT. Why? People primarily check blogs when they get to work and have settled in or they read them at lunch time. What about the rest of the USA or the world? The eastern seaboard has a massive readership. Leave your blog alone for a few days and everyone will get a chance to see it. Publish at lunch NYCT and you might be able to get lunch time eastern/NYCT and morning time in the western time  zones in the USA.

That being said I also publish according to the time zone for Britain. Why? I love British bloggers and want them to see my articles. That’s a five hour difference and that may hurt my views but sometimes I don’t really care. I just like to have fun with it. I reflex and schedule at certain times, but if I do think about it I change it up to Britain and sometimes Australia.


And that is a few ways to increase your views. If you’re having fun, it comes through in your work and people will have fun with you.


For the first 3 Ways to Increase Views and Make Your Life Easier.

Much Respect



2014 © Copyright-All rights



22 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: 3 More Ways to Increase Your Views . . . the easy way.

  1. Another great article. I don’t pay attention to my stats mainly because when I get the urge and topic that’s what it is I can’t tailor it or it isn’t me 🙂 I have some set posts it macro Monday humorous sat so people know what to expect and then throw in some random stuff.
    Not sure it works but that’s what I do x


  2. My advice – you are the first and foremost reader of your own blog… you need to like your content – all the other tips excellent.


  3. Great tips from you Blog Master. I especially lean towards the time and day I press that publish button now. I have found that a Saturday is a no, no day for me, as posts published on that day seem to get the fewest views.

    I try to read all the posts of the bloggers I follow, but as the amount of people I follow goes up, that is getting a little difficult now. Therefore, like in your last post, I reschedule posts so they appear again. It works because the post gets more likes and comments.


    • The permalink is the URL for you post. You want it to be what your post is really about, regardless of the title. This is what search engines look at. What would be the key words people would use for your article? Choose about 4 or 5 and use them. So instead “My crazy wonderful day out at the park with my friends” it might be park-friends-skateboarding-fun.


    • Yes. Your morning would be our later toward Monday afternoon I think. If in Sydney it would be 2 PM Monday while just before midnight Sunday night here in New York time. So 14 hours. So your 9 AM would be around 7 PM here when people are starting to unwind.


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