Moments are Worth

Ron Overlook 2

There are delicate moments in time

They are fragile in their forming

And in their care

We carelessly disregard their existence


What happens when your moments are shattered

When they are taken and broken and battered

When you have none to even hold onto

When cracks are formed for them to escape through


We take our precious pieces for granted

Never giving them a second thought

We rely on them to be there

But one day an attempt to find might be for naught


Have I loved

Do I have friends

Do I have someone who loved me

Will they find me in the end


What if they don’t reach out

What if I continue to drift

I will never even know

What pieces I have missed


Moments are worth remembering if they are worth having

Take heed of what you do with them

For in a  split second of time

You just might lose . . .


2014 © Copyright-All rights

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