I love . . . no regrets.

I love.

Magnolia Blossom.jpg
gettyimages © Original Photo by Diane MacDonald

Two little words of forever

Wrapped within walls so clever

Longing to be opened by your yes to sever


I love.

More than feelings of  a foolish mind

Thoughts shared of  a similar kind

Ignoring obstacles to enjoy the togetherness you find


I love.

Painful moments of distance felt

A smile of an image that pain it does melt

Mattering not in what realm that image does dwelt


I love.

More than feelings of skin on skin

Thoughts shared intertwining in more than sin

Ignoring obstacles just to hold the presence of you within


I love.

You have not found it yet

I say to you, you’ve met it I bet

Merely consider what it is you are willing to let


Four last words.


I love.


No regrets.



2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved by ronovanwrites.wordpress.com

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