RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #11

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Welcome to this weeks Haiku prompt challenge.

(Not the Wordless with Pictures. That one is out at 12:00 Noon New York Time.)

If you want to refresh yourselves on a bit of Haiku in English, although you do not have to stick to that particular style of Haiku, it’s just my particular style to use, click here.

For Tips and Guidelines refreshers click here.

This weeks two words to use in some form, meaning you can use another word that means the same thing are:


 Before you start!

I have a link that will help you out. Remember for Haiku in English the total syllables are 5 for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the last. This the Haiku I use. I don’t really hold people to that for this but if you want to do it in the 5/7/5 manner, the traditional way, then try that. The link I have for you is . . . Simply type in the word and find out how many syllables it has. Also for synonyms and antonyms go to, I find it useful for finding a word to fit the meaning when syllables are not working out right.

The prompts!

Drive & Psycho

 Let me put this into perspective. I plan each week to have Sian do one word and I do the other. Well, this week Sian is on vacation but her mother in the words for her . . . AFTER her mother had driven the two of them to meet the rest of the family. That being said, I thought I would leave both of her words together this week. I hope you enjoy and I hope we see Sian again.


Her Mom is psycho,

As she drives them to the beach,

Sian wants unicorn.



I drive onward and

In the depths of agony

I turn psychotic.

Be sure to put a link to your Haiku in the comments below so we can all go check them out.

I’ll comment and also choose the ones that knock me down for one reason or the other and link back to them in my Weekly Rewind telling people how great they were and why I picked them. Eventually these will turn into categories.

Much respect


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37 thoughts on “RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #11

  1. Hmm, I liked this one so much, I have a couple others I think I am going to post, lol. Thanks, for the prompt challenge. It has been fun.


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