The outlook of the future. Hmm . . . I think those words are almost the same.

As we are in a new month and a new season it’s time for a change. As you may have noticed, ever so slightly, my content is slowly changing. Moving forward I’ve decided that unless it is something I truly like you will not be seeing it. I always thought I was doing that and maybe I was. But my personal standards are higher now. With that being said, you might visit me and not see a brand new post for that day. I have plenty of posts for you to see, almost 700 now. To make it easier I might put the tag cloud back out so you might find things you could be interested in if you wish.


Sometimes people think they see a theme in my writing, my posts. There isn’t any. I like to write about love. I think that’s kind of cool really. I hear a song, just a few bars and the beat or something then clicks with me and I write a poem. Don’t worry, folks, Ronovan is okay. Until he’s dead, he’s doing fine. I have a firmer grasp on things than a lot of people in this world.


I hope you keep visiting even if the pickings become a little slimmer, but no more fluff. I consider some of what I have put out to be that. And as for my lists on Fridays, some of them have been pretty sad and the results have shown that, but then again, the ones I really felt passionate about got no results. Well, passionate and enjoying is what I am going to be about. So, hope you keep visiting and enjoy my offerings.


Much Respect and Love


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10 thoughts on “The outlook of the future. Hmm . . . I think those words are almost the same.

  1. I’m with you on these thoughts Ron. Some of my posts which I think I’ve done a brilliant job on and which I’ve really enjoyed writing, can somewhat let me down with the number of likes and comments yet, some which I think will not attract much attention, seem to get a lot of likes and comments. I’ve hesitated on posting a few things over my time on WordPress, yet when I decided to go ahead I’ve been surprised by the response the post gets. As the saying goes ‘It’s a funny old world’.

    I’ll still be a very frequent visitor to your blog so keep hold of those Oreos.

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  2. I prefer quality over fluff any day. Write what you like. Isn’t that one of those often heard writing tips? To write for yourself.

    And 700 posts, huh? I’ve got some reading to do!!!


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