Inspiration in the Leaves of Autumn

Inspiration in Loss.

More than likely some of you are looking at those three words and thinking of sports.  As they came to mind sports did not. But they apply just as readily. If you follow college football in the U.S. of A. and like your team mascots in the feline variety with stripes and/or confusingly have a mascot that isn’t even your actual team name mascot, you perhaps do not see inspiration in loss today. But never fear, the other teams are inspired by your losses. Your teams have done a fine service to canine fans everywhere.

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For me, as I write this, I am thinking of Autumn here in the United States and the loss of the leaves as they fall from the trees. I see them outside my window as the wind blows and they look like brightly colored snowflakes. Very large brightly colored snowflakes.

This time of year brings a bit of a feeling to me. Nostalgia? I wonder if it is possible. Even without memories I can think of, somehow I believe they must be buried inside somewhere because I get this feeling of brisk mornings outside as I go into the school building and late afternoons waiting to play football on a Friday night. The skeletal like trees barely hanging on to that last cheerful bit of color are just like my football team in school and any possible lead it ever had . . . give up dear tree, you are going to lose it.

Sometimes I wonder if those are memories or things I’ve read about and learned lately. But leaves falling from the trees here now are like worries falling away, or dare I say it, the loss of friendships.

We spend time in agony as we lose a friendship for whatever reason. We drift apart. We don’t connect any longer. We perhaps don’t communicate in the right way. For me, I literally lose the memory of a person that was a friend. And often times it’s really no fault of either friend.

I’ve learned a lot this past year, and one is to push through loss and look at how I can go forth because of that loss. Yes, because of that loss.

Have you ever really noticed what people do with leaves? They put them in scrap books and press the leaves to save them, like photograph memories. Some even take leaves and press them into clay to imbed the pattern of them so that memory will be forever in a work of art. Some rake up the leaves and have their children jump into a big pile and have fun. Those old friends are useful, even if no longer what they once were. Each leaf falling to a new purpose somewhere else for someone else.

I recently read an article that said you should mow over those leaves and give the nutrients back to the earth, the grass, like mulch instead of raking them up. I am not sure about mowing over my lost friends. I think that would be illegal somehow. And I am not really into Chianti and Fava Beans.

I use losses as a way to put feelings into writing scenes in novels, writing this article for my blog, and in truth perhaps freeing up a bit of myself for other things. Yes, freeing up time. That is a rather sad thing to think about. For a writer time is something rare. As a friendship somehow begins to crumble there is a lot of time put into thinking about it and feeling about it.

Don’t feel guilty about thinking of something like ‘now I have time for . . .‘ It’s okay, think it. It doesn’t mean you care about that friend any less. You simply are accepting what has happened, putting it into perspective, and finding something positive to take from it.

Let those negative thoughts of what you have lost go. Move on. Push through. Use any cliche that works for you. Just do it. Just beat it. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Once you pop you can’t stop.

Inspiration in Loss. I am using loss to inspire me to fulfill my dreams. To not waste time because things really can be and are lost in a moment. You have a dream, a goal, then go for it.

Every inspiration and every drive for a goal is lined with beautiful leaves.


Inspiring times are those not so easy.

Inspiring times are those that make you feel queasy.

Inspiring times are ones are perhaps not of your making.

Inspiring times are, however ones for your taking.


See y’all next time,


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4 thoughts on “Inspiration in the Leaves of Autumn

  1. “Each leaf falling to a new purpose somewhere else for someone else.” – you couldn’t have said it better, Ron. I have read an article before that says as we grow older, the number of our friends decreases. I guess the ones that you want to keep for life are the ones who will remain.

    Anyway, I’ve always wondered how wonderful it is to live in a country with 4 seasons. I bet Fall is a season to look forward to because of the vibrant colors. 🙂 Too bad, we don’t have it here in the Philippines.

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    • Living in the South here in the U.S. of A. we tend to go from Summer to Winter in an odd fashion. Before we know it Autumn has come and gone. The leaves can be amazing when the weather is right. This year hasn’t had the perfect weather for it. But if you check out a site of a friend of mine I help with, she lives in a true four season zone of the country and she is a photography site. She has a nice one up today.

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  2. You make it seem easy, to let the leafs just blow into the wind…….

    I’m not so good at processing my loss, perhaps because my heart does not have the ability to forget. Especailly frienships are valuble to me. Like with all things in life these need to be nurted from both sides. If there is open communication one may see if one can resolve which ever challages arose.

    Even today I still mourn the loss of friendships long, long lost… (longer than decade) I try to turn my Ashes into beauty, but perhaps at this I fail.


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