Be Gone and Be Well

I know the meaning of the words I write
What some give them seems so trite
My thoughts do roam around in my head
However my understanding is not dead


Are my words for someone I know
Or do they just go where they want to go
My mind may be one that becomes confuzzled
But for some others their reasoning I am befuddled


I cannot share my words in rhyme
Without facing anxieties time after time
Why do I not write poems with feelings
Because I am tired of questions and dealings


Gather from this that I am perfectly fine
I know what I know and I know what’s mine
Be on with the tiresome misinterpretations
Coincidences will only lead to creative constipations


Much Respect






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5 thoughts on “Be Gone and Be Well

  1. This is a perfect poem! It’s funny and clever and honest, and I really empathise with everything you’ve said 🙂 this is perfect for me, I’m going to stick it up on my wall of inspiration AKA my desktop.

    Liked by 1 person

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