Sharings for you . . .

I live each day a little better because of you.

There are times in my life I die a little, but then you smile.
You never try to be something other than you.
I long so much to spend time with you for just a little while.

There are rivers, forests and a continent between us.
I would walk through them all if I thought the moment was right.
Do my questions, my thoughts, my sharings cause a fuss?
Please tell me now before I continue too much and send you into a flight.

Oh the friendship we have is more than I ever imagined anything could be.
If but for an accident I would not know things or be things or even have seen.
Is there a reason for this irresistible feeling that draws me?All I know is that you are so perfect and so wonderful I call you a queen.

Take these words and do as you will.
Don’t worry because I am simply sharing them here.
I have no intentions of trekking across lands and through hills.
But know that you are the one I hold most dear.

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