My Sunday Thought: 50 Lashes against Freedom

Stepping on toes, insulting people, getting in someone’s face. Those aren’t things I tend to do.

Saudi blogger receives first 50 lashes of sentence for ‘insulting Islam’

You know I saw that article heading and some things jumped out at me.


50 Lashes

Insulting Islam

I’m an honest guy so I am going to be honest. None of it surprised me from what I see in the news. Aren’t we all accustomed to seeing it? Received this many lashes for this or that reason. Put to death because of insulting this or that. It’s almost like we are desensitized to it all. I mean I KNOW not all of Islam is like that.  We ALL have Muslim friends here through Blog World. I just never think of them as Muslim friends. I just think friends. The Muslim part never comes to mind nor does any other label you might put on someone.

Then I read the headline again because it came to my attention from a friend of mine across social media land. Yeah, we’re connected like that. Word.

Stay focused today, Ronovan.

Since this friend posted it I had to look again. So I looked again and saw “50 lashes OF sentence”. There would be more? I had to read more, as I always do when this particular friend posts something like this with the passion in which it was done.

The blogger is a man named Raif Badawi, a once husband, his wife’s family had activistthe courts put through a forced divorce, and father of three. The wife and kids were able to make it to Canada. He will now spend 10 years in prison and receive 1,000 lashes, 50 per week until completed. Each week he will be flogged. Before the wounds fully heal he will be lashed again. Why?

I also wonder will he again be transported from prison to the public square so those who have just went to prayer will witness it? Will it again last 15 minutes? Will the public lashing send the intended message to others not to do the same as he did? What did he do?

“According to Amnesty the charges against Badawi mention his failure to remove articles by other people on his website. He was also accused in court of ridiculing Saudi Arabia’s morality police.

In a statement after the flogging Amnesty called it a “vicious act of cruelty” and said Badawi’s “only ‘crime’ was to exercise his right to freedom of expression by setting up a website for public discussion”.

The US state department spokeswoman Jen Psaki called the punishment an “inhumane” response to someone exercising his right to freedom of expression and religion.”~Associated Press Dubai as seen on site.

You know, for some this is only about Islam. For me it isn’t. It’s more than religion to me. Yes, I am a Christian. And this being my Sunday Thought spot where I discuss my faith I chose instead to discuss this matter. I think everyone that has roamed the site here knows that I am an unashamed Christian. That means I have no beef against anyone else. I love all people, no matter your faith or non-faith. I live my life and I pray and hope others will come to Christ because I believe in Jesus and what the Bible says. Part of what the Bible says, what Jesus says, is that if someone won’t listen to you then shake the dust of that place off your feet and move on. It doesn’t say flog them, lash them, imprison them or force them.

Yes, some idiots in the past have done all of those things and used the Bible and Jesus as an excuse for trying to be in control of things, but they fell from power.

Now that I have the religion faith part of the Sunday Thought done, let’s move on. Although really, all of this is me and my faith is me.

This today is specifically about freedoms and what is simply right to do . What is humane to do.

The U.S. reached out to Saudi Arabia and asked them not to do the lashings, sort of. Okay. What are they going to do now? They call it wrong. What are they going to do now?

Pardon me here for a moment as I may venture into some less than Ronovan like moments. The U.S. leadership on both sides of the line don’t have the . . . backbone . . . to make a serious stand about anything with a country that has something it needs. Sure, we can make a stand against Iran, North Korea but they really don’t have us in a place where they are in control or where we can’t live without them.

Saudi Arabia on the other hand has the fuel that dives the U.S.. I’m  a bit sick of it myself. I won’t go into the politics of it all and where I see the failures in things.  All I am saying is just as no one had the . . . backbone to stand up for Jesus, the U.S. doesn’t have it to stand up for this man nor any others who are flogged and murdered for offenses that aren’t offenses to anyone other than those who fear for their political power if an idea is allowed to spread.

Will I receive some backlash from readers or a drop in followers and views of my site for coming out against people who are gutless power tripping maniacs? If you are reading this, do you think I care?

Oh, but some are saying, “At least he wasn’t killed like those people in Paris for drawing cartoons.” You want to know why that happened? That happened because people haven’t made a stand for decades against things like what is happening to Raif Badawi. Those men in Paris and others have no fear of reprisals. They want to be martyrs. I don’t want Raif Badawi to be a martyr. Mankind already has the only martyr it needs.

Each country has a different set of laws. I don’t know the laws in Saudi Arabia. I do know this though, there is no law that can keep me from thinking, believing and caring what I want to.


Thank you for giving us the freedom to think as we wish and make the choices as we wish. I pray that those in power will have the strength to follow what is right over what is self serving. As you have been a servant to this world I ask that those in Saudi Arabia become servants as well, servants to those who look to them for leadership and example, those in the U.S. to do the same. I pray that all those who read this are blessed by you with a desire to better the world with love and not lashes. All of this I ask in the name of Jesus who you gave all power in heaven and on earth, Amen.

Ronovan Writes


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17 thoughts on “My Sunday Thought: 50 Lashes against Freedom

  1. Politics is complex. It really is. How do I, How do you change such things? We have blogs we can talk about them and bring to the world our voice that says we are ashamed to be part of the human spices that does such things. Bloggers are what the poets used to be in the day of revolutions hundreds of years ago. We are the voice of the people and perhaps our one voice will bring many to join us.

    Excellently written post.

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  2. Interesting how the price of oil dropped when the fracking operation geared up. The US really doesn’t need to rely on foreign oil but will continue as the price of gas goes down. People need to understand that American strength is contingent on paying a little more for gas. The backbone needed is with the public. Support local energy and our leaders can then kick the crap out of human rights violators. It may be too much for the public to understand that independence is the road to liberty and does have a price. Now that oil prices have been reduced by OPEC the fracking operations are no longer profitable enough to expand and will now contract leaving the US in the same position on dependence. Good post. Ron and no I’m not involved in any way in the oil business.

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  3. RON, I too read the artical, made me sick and sad! Mr. Howell made a great point about the U. S. having the ability of being INDEPENDENT when it comes to Oil. For the Environmentalists, there will be scientists who will lessen any impact of fracking or drilling for gas and oil, which God has blessed the U.S. with abundance. YOUR PRAYER is worth repeating EVERY DAY!
    Thank you, Ron.


  4. Well, I don’t say prayers, and do not believe in God or religion. Christian religion had it’s moments of appalling oppressive behaviour, too. So my ” prayer” would be ” Thanks …for making me live in a society which is tolerant enough not to force religious or political views and beliefs on me. Society which gives us freedom to believe or not believe as long as we do not harm other people for ideological reasons.”
    ANd yep, Muslim, black, white, gay, straight, they are ” friends”, no qualification needed.

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  5. Well said, Ron. I think of the man suffering…his wife and children suffering… And I think of their courage and strength of their convictions. An inspiration for us.


  6. Ronovan, thank you so much for making this very bold and brave stand against cruelty, injustice and thoughts I just can’t put into words. I am a Christian too although it’s more of a subtle undercurrent in my blog. I made a bit of a commitment to try to be more globally-minded this year and look beyond my own backyard. There is quite a lot of need where I live but that shouldn’t stop me from being a citizen of the world and my consciousness of that world has really intensified since I’ve been blogging and meeting people like yourself. I will definitely pass this on.


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