RonovanWrites Week 26 Haiku Prompt Challenge Review

Haiku Prompt Challenge Badge WinterThe 26th Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Review. And they said it wouldn’t last. I don’t know who they are but I am certain someone said it somewhere.


First to the finish line this week!

t_a_wyatt_authorTA Wyatt and Broken Mind. Visit Finale to an Entrance to read this Haiku that is almost about me or a once me. The Broken Mind is definitely me. Remember T.A. is another of our resident authors so check out books available at Amazon here. @FinaletoEntranc


Battered Wife seeking Better Life wrote Ready, Set Go. She wasn’t thrilled with it but I think it works. I do half of what she says but the other half not so much. @BWseekingBL


Crisisalive with Storm of Ideas. Oh how I feel this one. Well I use a laptop though.


Sue from Daily Echo. Bedlam. Just go check out this one. I SO LOVE THE IMAGE!!!! Joy! @SCVincent is one of our resident authors so check out books available at Amazon here. The Sword of Destiny in England looks cool and The Osiriad based in Egypt very awesome. And don’t get me started on that whole Doomsday series of books co-authored with Stuart France, who doesn’t like a series?


Elizabeth brought Emptiness from Tea&Paper. This definitely defines this first day of the first full week of the new year. @teandpaper


Serins of Serins Sphere wrote Chaos Bleeds for us this week. Hugh wants Photoshop tips and there is something about vampire fan fic in there. Both are evident in the piece this week. @SerinsSphere


Becca from On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea returns with Empty Bedlam. A good description of mental fatigue. @rgbickerstaff


Cyril of Cyril Bussiere: My Secret Bedlam. A Haiku that I feel at times. More than a few times. I wish we all could  have Freedom from these thoughts. Cyril, of course, is one of our resident authors, even having been interviewed before I created my LWI site. I will need to interview him again for his next book and have a real interview now that I have a few more under my belt. Check his work on Amazon here. @CyrilBussiere


Mira of To Wear a Rainbow: Soul . . . less. Somber but honest. Sad yet joyful depending on your side of the words and imagery. @BediMona


Claudette from To Search and to Find Happiness in Every Day brought us Mad House. A Haiku that I would put as the next chapter after Cyril’s if I were making a book out of these Haiku.


Meredith and Martha bringing their 2×2 from Meredith’s Musings. The ladies have created their own challenge where YOU must guess who wrote which Haiku. It’s more difficult than you think. @Meredithlbl


Faith Unlocked: Restored by Grace. Excellent message. Goes along with my Year of Renewal message. @FaithUnlocked


Carolyn of Reviews & Recommendations: Young Nest. Something you don’t think about but really is common these days.


Colleen of Silver Threading wrote My Vacant Heart. I believe Colleen had to stretch out for this one. Her with a vacant heart? @ColleenCheseboro


Marigold of Versus Bulb: Jellyfish Bedlam. A bit sad. I was thinking this was going another place but then was surprised. Marigold Deidre Dicer is one of the RW Haiku Challenge resident authors. Check out her work on Amazon here. @MarigoldDicer


AC Elliott has returned. Bedlam is on File Cabinet Ramblings. I mean the Haiku not actual chaos and stuff is occurring on his site. Well it might be. A definite writer’s mind wrote this. A writer’s mind with a writer’s problem. Check it out. @Elliott_ac


Florence of Rambling On rejoins with Creating Bedlam. I think we, well a lot of us might connect with this one. @FTThum


Maniparna from Scattered Thoughts wrote Memories. You walk in and things just come to you sometimes for good or ill they happen. They can bring happiness or sadness. A good one. @Maniparna


Melissa of This, Right Now with Bedlam. A true contrast here, not only in sentences but even in elemental meanings. Excellent.


Canaf over at Faithful Devotionals: Peace. An interesting way to do it and an excellent message.


Cindy of Dreams in Alaska. I’m still not telling you where she lives. She wrote Empty Illusions. I get it. I have bedlam, at least I think I do. @cindyburrill

 ronovan writes humor haiku badgethis week goes to:

Sue from Daily Echo. Bedlam. If you don’t know why, then you haven’t visited the Haiku yet. @SCVincent

sue vincent author

serious haiku badgethis week:

A tie. That’s right. I simply am not going to agonize over this one. Two poems spoke to me on a personal level in different ways.

cyrilCyril of Cyril Bussiere: My Secret Bedlam. @CyrilBussiereAC_Elliott

AC Elliott has returned. Bedlam is on File Cabinet Ramblings. @Elliott_ac

My offering this week was a timely one titled Back to School. I am not often so much proud of a Haiku I do but I was very happy with this one for once.

And now for our closing Haiku for this week:

Though pens are empty,

May your minds be full of thoughts,

Lest fear bring bedlam.

As for Challenge #27 Prompt Words? You can always wait until tomorrow or find them hidden in this Review.

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