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Pure Love

My Guest Lyric Poem on Hugh’s Views & News. Pure Love. Hang on to something. Think upbeat.

From the comments this is one of my best so far. Go check it out and see if Hugh’s Readers are right. Give me your feedback. Should I get someone to do some music for it?


Hugh's Views & News

With Hugh busy with Hugh business I decided that to help keep his readers entertained I would do my lyric poem here this week. A lyric poem is something I came up with where I’m listening to a song and the tune, the hook or just the feel of it gets my mind working. So you can look at this as a song. I won’t tell you the tempo or the inspiration. You take it for what you want it to mean.

You’re good lookin’, total fine
Come on baby, please say you’re mine
Somethin’s cookin’, you’re tastin’ sweet
I’m not done, turn up the heat

Wanna be lost and bound
Wanna be hearin’ your sounds
Every night and day,

I say
You get under my skinpure-love (2)
You keep pullin’ me in
Baby I’m here to stay

Pure love, no tease
Baby you’re what I need
I’m here beggin’ please

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3 thoughts on “Pure Love

  1. I thought of about 10 different songs while reading that. 😀 The tempos/styles/eras range from the 70’s to the 2k’s/ slow to ’90 miles an hour’/ Southern Rock thru Synth-pop to (whatever pop is today) 😀 That was a fun trip!

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