Racist Bigot or Another Human People Disagree With?


Loving America. That seems to be a question or hashtag trend or reason to go on a hater-fest of someone.

A former very prominent political figure came out this past week and spoke against President Obama. You may google and discover what was said and then do research before jumping to conclusions.

Conclusion jumping has led to follow-up interviews and hashtag trends that divide people even further. Maybe if we all got along or agreed there were more than one possible thought on a subject things would just be too boring and we would have to read books or something instead of Tweet about some dumb carp stuff like who had the best dunk of the night in the NBA. I know my night is not peaceful until that is trending somewhere.

At first I was going to delve into the whole Racist Bigot situation, actually I wrote a whole article on it and after getting that out of my system I came up with the real article for the day.

Ever wonder why one person is a Racist Bigot and another person is an Activist? Hmm. I get confused.

Oh, I got it. If you like the person they are an Activist and if you don’t then they are a Racist Bigot.

Wonder what happens when you run in to someone who simply says it’s cool to be you so be you and let me be me and then we good?

Ever met someone like that?

I mean met someone truly like that?

Hello, my names Ronovan. Nice to meet you. Just be you, I’ll be me, and we’ll get along naturally.

Hey, and all those things we see in the news and the back and forths? Just use them as a way to learn about the truths of things by doing research. They lead you to learn a lot more than about the stupid thing you first start reading about. Sometimes there are some really great things to discover.

Of course this wouldn’t be a Sunday if I didn’t mention where I get my direction from. You know, Jesus was a good guy, even if a lot of people that have used his name for their own purposes have not been. His example is a good one for anyone to follow. Jesus let you do think what you wanted to think. Okay, he got a bit angry when he went in to the temple and found all the bad stuff going on, but you know, I’d do the same if I went in to my house and found bad stuff like that going on as well. And yes, the temple was his house. He got ticked. One thing about Jesus that you had to just like was that he said basically you know, this is how it is and you believe what you want to. I’m not going to force anything on you and if I’m right then oops you gonna be in a world of hurt. He didn’t force anything on people. “Oh, but scaring people with Hell is the same thing as forcing them.” Um, well if they believe in Hell then most likely they believe in Heaven then most like they believe in God then most likely they believe in Jesus soooo, I’m not seeing the scaring part going on, just the part of the Bible says this.”

I think I rambled. I sort of lost my way there in the middle. It’s been one of those weekends already. Well, that’s it this week. Have a good one this week. What one you have good of is up to you.


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7 thoughts on “Racist Bigot or Another Human People Disagree With?

  1. many people dont really want to know the truth. They prefer to be led like sheep. And they love to jump on the scandal bandwagon, the more shocking and scandalous the better. Its a disgusting side of human nature that we cant seem to do much about… they dont want to be educated or see reason. Im not generalising here, but there is a certain section of society like this that just cant seem to be reached.

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  2. You know, it wasn’t always this way in politics. I’ve been an activist for peace and other causes since the early 1960’s, but we activists were in the streets, or circulating petitions, or lobbying Congress, not being politicians or TV pundits. The game of nightly outrage only came about because 24 hour TV “news” stations needed something to fill up the air time because, let’s face it, there just isn’t that much NEWS..

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  3. You know this idea of you be you and I’ll be me is a good one. The difficulty is that people can’t seem to stick to it. I’m going along being me and I wake up to find the person that is suppose to be just being you is messing with me. You know, trying to make rules they think are so great that it would be a shame if I didn’t live by them too. Pretty soon they’re trying to make me buy things I don’t want to buy, give up things I want to keep, or pay for things I don’t want to pay for. So, I say “Hey, I don’t want to do that.” Next thing you know one of us is a racist bigot. Usually, I try to stay away from politics–it makes my head hurt–but thought I’d throw in my $.02 this one time. 😉

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