Unbearable? I’m Positive.

Drawing of Mark Twain with Quote“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.”~Mark Twain


“Dwelling is a house you live in, not a situation to waste your life on.”~Ronovan


I had great plans for writing today. I ended up with something else. Great or not is not for me to decide. I write, you read. Opinions are made. Words are put down in either situation, planned or not, the results may end up the same. I personally am okay with whatever happens.

A day meant for creating a biography of my inspiration for wanting to become a teacher, Sidney Poitier in the movie To Sir with Love, along with quotes from his autobiography lying next to my notebook and me, turned into a day of pain that many would call unbearable. I can laugh at that phrase.

People say they went through unbearable this or that. I like to ask, “If it was so unbearable, why am I am speaking to you standing up, instead of speaking over you lying down?”

My sadistic joy comes from the looks of puzzlement. Looking to the quotes I put forth at the beginning today, and my presence here in writing this article, what my opinion is on the unbearable pain I have gone through over the past few days, and specifically the past 24 hours should be apparent.

My Fibromyalgia is an ugly animal. It is one I have come to know and respect. Never become too comfortable with an animal, even a pet. Once you do, something will happen. A new trait comes out. Or maybe something totally unrelated. Hopefully to find out soon.

What have I done today?

  • I cannibalized the first few chapters of my book to create a new beginning.
  • Had a great surprise with one of my articles being selected for the KindnessBlog.com.
  • Dr. KO and I had an exchange in comments on a post that was enjoyable.
  • I have an author interview agreement with a very nice lady.
  • And every other moment I slept.

Why sleep? Sleep don’t hurt. But also, I need sleep. What I did today was make progress in many areas and rested as much as I could. Rest isn’t something I don’t normally do. Even while succumbing to Chronic Fatigue it isn’t rest I am getting.

Even now while writing this article I have stopped several times due to the pain. I rarely ever stop because of pain. An article that should have taken me 15 minutes has so far taken me over two hours.

I’ve enjoyed it. Thinking is a great pastime for me. I love to get thinky, as I like to call it. This past year and half has allowed for some great thinky times. Every day I have a thinky moment. At least one. Usually more. That’s one reason I blog. I like to use those thinky times as inspiration for articles. Be grateful I don’t put all those moments on the blog.

I mentioned earlier that I was happy with whatever the results of the article might be today. Why? I wrote. That’s why. Did I write well? Not really, but I wrote. And that is a positive day to me.

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22 thoughts on “Unbearable? I’m Positive.

  1. Hope your symptoms lesson today Ronovan. I have a friend with the same thing. I’m sure she visits a holistic woman for that. I’ll ask.

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  2. I’d like to start off on congratulating you on having an article selected for KindnessBlog.com, but also for carrying on with the passion you have for writing, what ever is happening to you. I can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard of anyone with so much passion for writing as you.

    People say to me they love to write but ,when it comes to it, they often don’t even bother doing any writing at all when feeling tired, jaded or ill. That one day of not writing becomes two, three, four…

    I hope you are feeling somewhat better today and I hope that things improve.
    Most importantly of all, take care of yourself.

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    • Thank you. That put a another smiley on my face, Even if you didn’t leave one for me. 😉
      Thank you for mentioning me in your post today. I write to keep going, I write to live. If I write there is nothing else for me to keep me going.

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      • 🙂 – sorry, the smily was refusing to show itself in that last comment, due to me saying I did not like him anymore. But, as I explained to him, it’s only when he appears on his own in a comment that I don’t like him and end up putting him in the trash bin.

        You’re welcome, and I’m very glad that writing helps. Never ever stop writing. Never ever stop being you.

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  3. Thanks for a great article. I love reading about the positive in life. My grandmother had severe osteo-arthritis. It was so bad she could barely walk and had huge knots on her hands and feet. But she still had a smile on her face. She taught me a lot. 🙂 Keep up the great work and attitude.

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    • I have osteoarthritis throughout my spine. It makes things interesting. The sad part is you kind of get used to it and keep moving on.
      Thank you for reading and sharing.
      Much Respect

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  4. What a nice post. It good to see someone who can still find and hold on to their positive outlook even in a situation that would reduce others to growly monsters of negativity. Thank for the sunshinyness of this post. I hope nothing makes you lose your great outlook.

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  5. Hello, Hugh thought I should share this here too, because well awesome! 🙂 It is my #BeWoW post for today. 🙂

    As for your #BeWoW post for today Ron, well i read this earlier but my cellphone would no let me comment or like. My thoughts at the time where “I get this”. Not the physical pain, cause thankfully I don’t have that. But frankly that last part, if I was able to write something for the day, it was a good day for me too. If the Depression is too much and I can’t even write well then…. yay! for writing. The entire opportunity to express oneself in words is WoW to me too.

    (hugs) and thanks for creating a place to be positive. 🙂 And awesome for that post of yours that got featured.

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  6. You certainly are an inspiration 🙂 love your quotes and last week’s – that post in particular kick-started some positive thinking cogs and wheels in my ailing brain cells that made as far as to my bones and muscles and actioned some adjustments that have been waiting too long to make the day’s a bit easier – and also has also influenced my choice of both signing up for A to Z and the theme – holistic kind of health and personal development-ish. Thank you for your BWoW and BeWATT ideas, mid-week melancholies appear to have cleared 🙂 what a difference sharing a thought (or few) can make. Best wishes 🙂


  7. Good Morning Ronovan,

    As you can see, I am catching up! Personally, I think you WROTE WELL for this article! I cannot imagine your physical pain with fibromyalgia. For an old man, I feel blessed that my physical ailments are manageable. I keep you in my prayers, because I find you to be such a talented wordsmith, and devour all you write . . . and I, along with countless others, learn from you! By the way, “TO SIR WITH LOVE” was a great movie and Sidney Poitier was outstanding.



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