My absence and immediate future.

Wanted to thank the few that noticed I as MIA the last few days. It was much appreciated. I have order to the Emergency Room by doctor after some tests were done for some fluids an antibiotics and ended up there for three days.

Turned out to be worse than anyone thought. Still almost as sick but on medications and the like for now.

Blogging will be light for the time being.

Again, much appreciation to those who sent messages of concern about my health. You know who you are.



55 thoughts on “My absence and immediate future.

  1. Glad you posted why you have been away, thought it might have been the sunburn. Did not his ‘like’ as I do not like hearing someone is ill.


  2. I haven’t been as active here lately, so forgive me for not noticing earlier. Please get better soon Ronovan. Don’t rush getting back to blogging. We’ll be here when you get back. 😀


  3. I Thought it odd not to hear from you. Being relatively new, I didn’t know if just commenting was a good idea; I wish if just fine it now. Prayers for a speedy recovery brother.


  4. Take care of yourself. That’s all that counts. I just returned from an ER visit that turned into an admittance. They let me come home but i have to return for surgery and look for a possible malignancy. All was a surprise. So i know a little bit about how you are feeling. Take care of yourself. Be well, friend.

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  5. Hi Ronovan,
    So sorry to hear about your encounter with the emergency room. I know how you usually have to bribe your way in to get a bed and so to have been given one for three days really speaks volumes. I send you my prayers and heart-felt desire for God’s healing hand upon all aspects of your life so you will bounce back from this like one of those super bouncy balls kids have that bounce all over the place driving parents crazy. Perhaps, not that much bounce. Take care and God bless, Rowena


  6. Had noticed you were quiet, but one of last posts suggested you were already quite unwell – sorry to hear it was so serious as hospital. Hope you’re on the mend soon. Best wishes 🙂


  7. Oh! Dear! Twas the lettuce
    Thar made you so ill???!!!!
    At least you got care
    And emergency pill

    Look after yourself
    Take care, rest up, go slow.
    We will miss you of course
    But strong you MUST grow!

    Then we’ll all jump for joy
    When you’re back on top form
    With wit and with wisdom
    The Ronovan norm!

    and remember it’s all about that Bass, bout that Bass, no Treble!


  8. Mercy, hope the meds bring the bug out of you! Martha and I will pray God bring to you rest that is restorative, sound sleep and a cure of all that ails you. Much love, M & M


  9. Good Evening Ronovan,
    I read ALL your posts . . . but with the volume of e-mails I get, I don’t get to read everyone every day. I DID NOT know you had fallen ill, BUT, MY PRAYERS are for your speedy and healthy recovery SOON!.



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