RonovanWrites Week In Review Apr. 6-12

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Thought on Sunday

Make an impact in a person’s life for life.

This was a stream of thought piece, but then what of mine aren’t on Sundays? But this was inspired by a former student and took on a life of its own. I was surprised at the response. But then, when am I not surprised at the response to anything I write?


Good Friends Always.

This is a Haiku and picture/cartoon I did for my friend Hugh Roberts who went through a loss in his family. I am his back up on his blog when he has to take time off and I took advantage and hijacked it. I would appreciate if you do click the title, you then go to his blog and like it if you do actually like what you see. Just as a simple gesture of support.

Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge Review 38

Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #39 Vie and Reach

Observe the curves without reserves.  I’ve become a little experimental of late with my rhyming.

I ain’t lazy, maybe a little crazy. Continuing my rhyming craziness combined with a new passion of mine.

Lips Intoxicate.

To Your Whim.



I’m in the A to Z Blogging Challenge and my Theme is Comic Book Creators Around the World.

England Comic Book Creators at Home and Their US Invasion.

France Creators from Zig et Puce to Moebius.

Greece from Arkas to Papadatos.

Hong Kong from Oriental Heroes to McDull. Comics abound.

Ireland from Paddy to Ennis this country has it all.

Japan Manga from AstroBoy to Full Metal Alchemist Awesome!

Breaking out of your comfort zone. Be fearless to find your writing voice.
I talk about finding your writer’s voice, your author’s voice.

Success will follow happines. My #BeWoW Post.

My article for my weekly blogshare hashtag for posts about positivity. Share what you got. Just hashtag it like you see it and throw in my Twitter Handle if you want to make certain I see it. Twitter get’s crazy at times. @RonovanWrites.

Let’s connect.






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