RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge 39 Review


Not certain if anyone noticed, as no one mentioned, but that’s Hugh calmly and happily sleeping, obliviously to the fact his sun hat has been taken by Toby and is being destroyed as revenge for having to put up with sand in his paws and fur with no treats as reward for the suffering for being eye candy on the beach.

Now on with the

Week #39 Haiku Challenge Review of the Word Ill & Rest

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New This Week

January’s Dream: “Like this site, I’m a work-in-progress, but by God’s grace, He’s still editing.”~From the About Page. The Haiku: Night Sky. An Easter Haiku, with a very nice painting as the background. The message is perfect with the words. The Haiku stays with the theme of the site, which I like when there is a them to a site. Very nice.

daleenDaleen of My Grandfather was an Undertaker: “My Grandfather was an undertaker, but that was his job – that was not who he was as a person. He instilled in me the deep knowledge that I was loved and that I was special. But more than just being special, I was special to him and that made me brave on the inside.”~From her About Page. Much more heartfelt words than this. I like her writing style if this is an example of it. Really should go and read. The Haiku: Destruction. This was her first Haiku and she nailed it. There was a lot of support from our Challenge community here. A definite Must Read and Like. The only thing missing is a Twitter account for me to follow and share. I know, not everyone has one, but I love connecting with my Haiku people there.


First to Enter this Week:

Alyssa of Battered Wife Seeking Better Life: Heart’s Desire. Alyssa, a name I have chosen for her since she is our resident mystery lady, has grown as a Haiku poet. Her Haiku are, as I like to call mine, micro chapters of her autobiography. They tell a story. You can tell where she is and what she is thinking in the moment. Her Haiku match the theme of her blog and her personality. In other words, her Haiku are honest. Go and not only check out this Haiku, which many have liked not only on her blog but as well as the reblog here on my site, but also look at her other poetry in the left sidebar. She puts them on images that you in pin on Pinterest where she also shares her work. @BWseekingBL

Florence of Meanings and Musings: Insatiable. My title for the Haiku, of course. Notice that Florence is now on Meanings and Musings and not Rambling On Blog. She has combined the two. If you were following Rambling On and not Meanings, then make certain you follow now. You will see two very complex sides of her. Meanings often gets into some very deep thinking moments. I quite enjoy them. @FTThum

Edwina of Edwina’s Episodes: The Elusive Moon. I find Edwina has a way with words that perhaps speaks too a personality that permeates her being. There is a consistency in her work and I like it. I enjoy having a bit of fun in comments teasing and the like. Not this week I think, but I have, and she has a great sense of humor. A very good one to follow.

Serins of Serins Sphere: Out of Reach. Serins is posting the Haiku on her Tumblr blog for the time being. I think it’s because of the A to Z Challenge. Those posts take up some space at times. @SerinsSphere

Meredith & Martha of Meredith’s Musings Challenge and Games from Meredith then Competition and Golf from Martha. I like the messages of Meredith’s and I too have played the game she mentions. I haven’t in quite some time though. I do wish that photo would enlarge. Looks to be a very pleasing photo of our angels. Martha is having fun with a war. I have to admit, it’s the one game I would most likely be playing now if I were physically able.  @Meredithlbl

Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life: Just out of Reach. Hmm. I like this one. Although he was concerned about his misreading of the word vie as view, I believe the meaning of vie is in the Haiku itself. The reader can give it meaning as they wish. I like the lack of reveal, which is another part of Haiku, not telling everything. Leaving as much to the interpretation of the reader as possible. Very nice. Really enjoyable. Depending on where you are in your life and thoughts, this could take on numerous meanings. Well done, Greg. Greg, having misread the word vie decided to write another Haiku, Oops, I Did It Again. This one we all can identify with.  @greg_wolford 

Ritu of But I Smile Anyway…:  Inspiring. Very nice with the leaving things open to interpretation. I love those kind of Haiku.

Ruth of Mad Meandering Me: Per Ardua Ad Astra…  Hmm, this one makes me thing that if we all were what she writes about then no one would be. #FeelingThinky

SW ysobel of Spunky WayfarerSwirling to Waltz. Great imagery in this one. Too much of the first could lead to the last or the swirling of the first is the last, or who knows what else the reader might come up with. @SpunkyWayfarer

Sacha Black of Sacha Black: Reach against Doubt. She doubts her abilities but each week she shows up and continues to prove herself wrong. Check her out. Her Haiku! Geesh. Some people.

Felicity of The Dark Night Chronicles: Promises. I like how this one was done. A bit of an interesting rhyming scheme. Although I am against those last two words in the second line. They kill me. Well they could. I like seeing that her Haiku is beginning to pick up support on her site. It was something new there and I believe it took a little time for her readers to get into but she’s won them over. Not really a surprise, right? Felicity is also one of our Authors. You can get her book Erotic Passages at Amazon by clicking here.

Rajani Radhakrishnan of THOTPURGE: Waltzing Rainbows. Very nice with nature and structure. The imagery is great. I hate to say it like this but will, it’s a very pretty Haiku. You’ll understand why I say that when you read it.

clickerwriter of Captured by Aishwarya: Vying for the Unreachable Ooooo, a good message. I like the story telling and imagery. As to the story gold, a twist on the oldest of stories in a way I hadn’t thought of. Nice.

Sandra of Wild Daffodil: Texture. Love the photo that goes with this, not saying I don’t like the Haiku, but photography with nice subjects always draw my attention.

Mira of They, You And Me and To Wear and Rainbow blogs:  Come Closer. Well, if you insist. But that would likely be one expensive commute. Yes, I am already beginning to lose my mind.  @BediMona

Claudette of to search and to find happiness in every day: Lessons. Still contemplating this one. Ah, I got it. Sometimes the old mind must read slowly and break it down. But I finally got it. Yay me. I like having to think hard at times.

Elizabeth of Tea & Paper: Pink moonNature! I’m not saying all Haiku for the challenge needs to be about nature. In fact I like people writing what comes to them, but I do enjoy those who take up the challenge of Haiku in it’s aspects. And yes, I did notice two uses of vie in this one. Did you? @TeandPaper

K. Renae P. of Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.: Grandmother. Kind of think of cousins and other grandchildren fighting to be the favorite.

Rachael Ritchey of Writing Rachael Ritchey: Hog’s Delight. Okay, so I always create the entry here before I read the Haiku, including the name. As I look at this, I am so wondering about it. Okay. I like how there are two aspects to this, but I feel somewhat offended. I am a Dawg, not  Hog. I know both are in the SEC of NCAA football, but there is a different. I bark and drool, I don’t grunt and root around. Remember to check out her book The Beauty Thief is available on Amazon with great reviews.  

Marjorie of Kyrosmagica: Ballerinas Vie for the Moon. Two Haiku which I combined with one title. I think they go together. Great image and I like the elegance of this at this moment in the challenge review. Sometimes you need something with a different hand, touch, to bring the mind to ease.

Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams Reaching for Love. Oh, she keeps asking and asking, and I keep telling and telling. But seriously, a Haiku I think many people experience at some point. Even for those near and not so far. And don’t forget that Michelle also has something else other than great writing talent going for her. Visit Michelle Lunato Photography. @MichelleLunato

Colleen of Silver Threading: Survival. A nature Haiku that could also be interpreted as human and even as one for writers. I like thinking of how it might be viewed as being for a writer as they move forward through a work in progress. @ColleenChesebro  Also remember to drop by the LWI site and read Colleen’s Book Reviews. She is excellent. Click here to see everything she’s written.

stu06bloc9 of  Pitter Patter Poetry: Haiku (ish). Still thinking on this one. My mind tries to find a rhyme that is sublime to go with the way these words say things about a day, but thoughts bring things to fray. So I think I’ll deny to say why I can’t lie about why my oh my the words I create come out shy. There is also a second blog if you would like to drop by,  Snailzpace Daily.  

Canaf of Faithful Devotionals: Loss. Sometimes you just don’t say anything. Go and read.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega: The Fall of Lillith. If you want a glimpse, and I do mean a glimpse of Vashti’s next book go check out her Haiku, title of the same name. I have read the new book, as a beta-reader and I will say this; she put a lot into this book, including a lot of research, and getting things just right for her story. And the Haiku nails the character of Lillith perfectly without telling you too much. Get Vashti’s current book, The Basement on Amazon by clicking here.

Melissa of The Aran ArtisanReaching for the Heart. There are three here today. All inspired by a visit into the city of Galway. Melissa’s blog is a must for anyone interested in learning about a culture. American, married to an Irishman who moved back to his homeland. She’s making the most of it and inspiring others along the way. She’s writing a book each day and doesn’t even realize it. A Must Follow. @thearanartisan

Marigold of Versus Blurb: Go for it. Marigold is doing it as she goes for it. So go for it and do read her Haiku and her inspiration for it. Go purchase Marigold Deidre Dicer’s book The Black Swan Inheritance from Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or the iBooks store or purchase it from Amazon on Kindle by clicking here. @MarigoldDicer 

Melissa M of This, right now: Spring. You know, I always  get these seasonal feelings from Melissa. Wonder if that’s because she keeps doing the nature aspect of Haiku? Yeah, that just occurred to me. Duh, right?

E. Rawls of E. Rawls: Author creating stories and art: Unreachable A fairy tale in three lines. It works. Yep. I think the best would be to her book page on her weebly site,  

Patty of Strawberries Forever: Two this week. I win I so want a  picture of this moment. It would be “Legen…wait for it…and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DARY.” @pattythepa

Khor Hui Min of Project Prose:  Motivate Ah, this reminds me of one time when a speaker came and spoke before me “I’m Matt Foley and I’m a motivational speaker. Don’t end up like me. You’ll end up 35 years old, eating a steady diet of government cheese, thrice divorced, and living in a van down by the river!” Don’t ask me why I am into these quotes all of a sudden. @MinKhor

Sue Vincent from Daily Echo: Construct. An awesome photo. Something few of us will visit but amazing. Sue is one of our resident Authors. Click here  for her Amazon Author Page and all those books she’s written.  @SCVincent

Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News: Good Friends Always. A poem to visit.. @RobertHughes05



Colleen of Silver Threading: Survival. A nature Haiku that could also be interpreted as human and even as one for writers. I like thinking of how it might be viewed as being for a writer as they move forward through a work in progress. @ColleenChesebro  Also remember to drop by the LWI site and read Colleen’s Book Reviews. She is excellent. Click here to see everything she’s written.




ronovan writes humor haiku badge


 No real humor ones this week.

And the Closing Haiku:

Friends time is vied for,

They forget about my world,

Yet I reach with heart.



Let’s connect.






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14 thoughts on “RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge 39 Review

  1. Great wrap-up Ronovan. I did notice the comic and thought it fitting for your A-Z month. Wasn’t sure it was a dog. Actually, I’ll just admit I was pretty sure it was a cat (looks just like one of ours), though now so obvious it is Toby. Who takes a cat to the beach anyway!? I thought Hugh had a few hairs on his head? Ouch! Are men as sensitive about that topic as women are about weight and age? Yes, I’m generalizing, forgive me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the very kind mention Ronovan! I had no idea entering the challenge came with so much free advertising 🙂 I had a lot of fun this week and enjoyed the visits and visiting new blogs. Thank you, again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, that would be me. I did the one on the Hugh site for the Haiku as well. It was a surprise for him. I did the one for this weeks challenge as well. Very simple ones, but had fun with them.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for that beautiful description of not only this one but of all of my haiku. That made me feel warm and fuzzy. I appreciate the thought in the way you described my work. 🙂 xx


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