Nurturing is Genuine.

For me there is some difficulty when it comes to face to face relationships since my accident over a year ago. It might be the memory issues. Perhaps the fear of people. Somewhere along the way . . . hmm, maybe it’s all of it together.

As a father I have to get over it at times. I guess when I am able to get into those moments of discussion and encouragement and help my son grow, he knows it’s the real thing. And there I believe lies true nurturing.

Humans are very perceptive when it comes to fakes or genuines. Yes, another of my made up words. Perhaps I will create a comic book called The Genuines and the enemies will be The Deceptives.

“Focus, Ronovan.”

“Okay, okay, I will.”

My son is very perceptive. He knows when someone truly cares about him when they are discussing things that are to encourage and help him. He doesn’t need encouragement. I suppose encouragement is great in its place but nurturing is really the thing that is needed.

When you nurture you are giving of yourself, your feelings are shared, your time, your blood, your sweat and tears. Even an infant knows the difference between the genuine and the deceptive.

My son, aged 10, began his first season of baseball this year. No one believes it. He was apparently born to play the game. Perhaps it was the hours of throwing balls to him over the summer that helped some, the explaining how baseball works, how to properly run the bases, how to relay the ball. It was a sport I could explain and he could learn that carried over. I suppose it helped I took coaching of baseball in college.

But what is really helping him are the coaches. He has the best coaches in his league. I don’t say that because they are winning, I say that because their mentality of growing young kids into loving baseball, and training them the right way, and not just about technique.

The hitting coach even took time with my son “B” before practice, since it was early, and went through a couple of things with him, and told him he was the most naturally gifted hitter and player he had ever seen. He didn’t have to say that. And his actions back up his words.

I take the guys words as truth because of his background. He played college ball, football and baseball at the same University I went to, but ended up with baseball after the first season and was even scouted by the pros. He still plays in leagues that we have here that aren’t for pros. Oh, did I mention his father was a two time football Super Bowl Champion?

Encouragement without sincerity is just smoke. It’s a commercial for a toy that kids know won’t work. My son even explains to me why the toys won’t work when he sees the ads.

Again, I wasn’t going to do a post today, but it’s #1000Speak for Compassion with the topic of Nurturing. I opened the page and this happened without a thought.

Nurturing can be from adult to adult as well. I  have people, person, something like that, not only encouraging my writing but taking steps to nurture along the way to lead in the direction of improvement. Not so much teaching me technique but being honest with me.

Nurturing is not simply being a cheerleader, nurturing is sometimes be the tough guy for the better. The other person won’t always like it, but through a history with you, they know it is for the better and will go with it.

No matter what you do, with whomever you do it with, nurture. It reminds me of one of my favorite verses.

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”~Ephesians 4:29

If those who follow these words only fulfilled these words, would it not be a wonderful world? I try. I fail at times, I am sure, but I try.

1000 voices speak for compassion

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RonovanWrites Week In Review Apr. 13-18

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Haiku Prompt Challenge #40

As amazing as it sounds, the Challenge has been going for 40 straight weeks now. Although I didn’t do a separate poem this week, my example is in the post, as always. I believe my title for it would be Our Greater Joy. I hope you enJOY it.


Expectations. She is.



I’m in the A to Z Blogging Challenge and my Theme is Comic Book Creators Around the World.

Kuwait The99 and comics. On trial, for real.

L is for Lithuania. From Painters to Peanuts.


The Big Dumb Family and The Cowboy Book. What a range. Get it? Range, cowboy.

First Sci-Fi to First NZ in USA to Today.

It’s a super day on Ronovan Writes. Go Ontario!

Can a part of Filipino culture come back to life?

My Blog Anniversary post of Choice.
This was a very quiet post with little to no fanfare or fireworks. Not an overabundance of views. My purpose was not for celebration of my blog but to spotlight another blog brought to my attention. One I believe many would be encouraged by.

A writer with class is who influences me.

This was a part of my #BeWoW blog share for Twitter on Wednesdays. BeWoW standing for Be Wonderful on Wednesdays.

My article for my weekly blogshare hashtag for posts about positivity. Share what you got. Just hashtag it like you see it and throw in my Twitter Handle if you want to make certain I see it. Twitter get’s crazy at times. @RonovanWrites.


How To: Do Page Jumps-Return to Top of Page. Updated to make it Simpler.

A tip on how to do those “Click here to go there within the document.” I’ve updated it to make it simpler. More of this type will be coming. And using them gets easier the more you do use them. It doesn’t take me long now that I have a routine down, and learned some short cuts.

What to expect this coming week?

The Sunday post is already out and it coincides with the #1000Speak Nurturing campaign this month.  Nurturing is Genuine. There should be a post from a new writer here on Ronovan Writes. A person who wants to branch out a bit. I also have word of articles possibly coming for guest spots. And you can be certain, that with 10 days left of the AtoZ Challenge I will have some more articles for you. Also the Haiku Challenge will be out, as well as #BeWoW. Why not poetry from me lately? I have thought I didn’t want to overload everyone with too much considering I have all those Challenge articles going out.

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RonovanWrites Week In Review Apr. 6-12

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Thought on Sunday

Make an impact in a person’s life for life.

This was a stream of thought piece, but then what of mine aren’t on Sundays? But this was inspired by a former student and took on a life of its own. I was surprised at the response. But then, when am I not surprised at the response to anything I write?


Good Friends Always.

This is a Haiku and picture/cartoon I did for my friend Hugh Roberts who went through a loss in his family. I am his back up on his blog when he has to take time off and I took advantage and hijacked it. I would appreciate if you do click the title, you then go to his blog and like it if you do actually like what you see. Just as a simple gesture of support.

Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge Review 38

Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #39 Vie and Reach

Observe the curves without reserves.  I’ve become a little experimental of late with my rhyming.

I ain’t lazy, maybe a little crazy. Continuing my rhyming craziness combined with a new passion of mine.

Lips Intoxicate.

To Your Whim.



I’m in the A to Z Blogging Challenge and my Theme is Comic Book Creators Around the World.

England Comic Book Creators at Home and Their US Invasion.

France Creators from Zig et Puce to Moebius.

Greece from Arkas to Papadatos.

Hong Kong from Oriental Heroes to McDull. Comics abound.

Ireland from Paddy to Ennis this country has it all.

Japan Manga from AstroBoy to Full Metal Alchemist Awesome!

Breaking out of your comfort zone. Be fearless to find your writing voice.
I talk about finding your writer’s voice, your author’s voice.

Success will follow happines. My #BeWoW Post.

My article for my weekly blogshare hashtag for posts about positivity. Share what you got. Just hashtag it like you see it and throw in my Twitter Handle if you want to make certain I see it. Twitter get’s crazy at times. @RonovanWrites.

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RonovanWrites Week In Review Feb. 15-20

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Thought on Sunday

Being too sensitive?

This was basically something about how things had sort of being flying all over me lately. For those not speaking that way of speaking that means things that bothered me. I’m the sensitive type. I can’t help it. It’s the way I am wired. Heart on the sleeve and all of that stuff.


Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge 31 Review

Each week I link to all the Haiku of those who enter the Haiku Challenge. This includes Two people chosen as Choices of the Week. Each person with a Twitter account is included in a tweet of the post as well as mentioned on a Google+ Post of the post. And if you’re my friend on Google+ then I also include your name on the Google+ post so you know I put you there. Then you can share if you like.

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #32 Rare&Harsh

Last Weeks Challenge that ends at noon Today, as long as today is February 22, 2015.

Your Rewards.

A Haiku for my Challenge. Sometimes reactions are just not right in this world.

Harsh Pleasure.

A Haiku for my Challenge somewhat inspired by 50 Shades. But only after it was written.


By the Grace of God.

A song, video, and the story behind it. I sometimes run across a  song that I need to share and I like to share the story that led to the song. Usually the songs are old classics but this one is much newer and a surprise. Click and just listen. If you have earbuds, put them in and wait for the bass to drop and you will swear you are at a concert. A very clean beautiful song in every sense of those words.

Be Wonderful on Wednesday. Be WoW.

A new weekly feature here on RonovanWrites that I would like everyone to join in and share a link to their own stories of how to Be WoW. A great way to share positive and uplifting moments you experienced during the week or a story that you just felt like people would get something wonderful out of.  Looking forward to maybe a few people joining in. I hope you all join part of the Be Wow family of Bloggers. I may even make a badge for it to display on the sites of those would like to do so.

Confession Revealed.

The previous week, on Valentine’s Day I wrote a little something called Lasting (A Confession of Want) that you might want to read first. You can read it here. Then read the Revealed. I thought it amusing.

Give Hugh a Big Smiley.

My guest post on Hugh’s Views & News. I took advantage of Hugh being away on vacation and broached a subject that he would not have. I hope you click and head over to his blog to read and leave a smiley for him.

Ronovan Writes Weekend Mick Flick. You need to be The Quiet Man.

Sad to say I do a weekly movie review. These have to be movies I’ve seen but require a lot of research in order for me to actually do the review. A lot of research. Especially if they are old like this one. A classic but a surprise. Read the review and I think you’ll want to see it. Oh, and what’s a Mick Flick? Click and find out.

#1000Speak Hello, nice to meet you . . . again.

My contribution to the blogger campaign for compassion that occurred this past Friday. You don’t have to read it. But I wrote it so I include it in the review.

I hope you find something you like. And please make sure to follow me wherever I am. I really do enjoy all those follow numbers and seeing faces and names show up. Yeah, that’s an honest way of saying it. And I’m also in the process of writing a book that will be out this year. Keep your fingers crossed, so the more followers I have in places the better.

Oh, where all am I? (This post may be removed at some point due to the very personal nature of it.)

@RonovanWrites  Facebook  Google+   GoodReads

And very soon, you’ll be able to join me in one more place, just as soon as I get the hang of it. I’ll let you know when.

Much Respect and Love to all of you.


Ronovan Writes






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#1000Speak Hello, nice to meet you . . . again.

1000 Voices Speak for Compassion.1000 voices speak for compassion

As I write this it’s the 19th and something nagged at me the 20th was a date I should know. I logged on to facebook and saw a 1000 Voices for Compassion update. It’s a group for bloggers that I think the name of speaks for itself. Now here I am writing. Good thing I joined the group at some point. Not sure when, but I did.

People forget all the time. People instantly think of Alzheimer’s patients when you start talking about memory problems. We’ve learned to have compassion for them.

But there are other reasons people forget. You have accidents that result in concussions, brain damage, and that can be a problem.

Have you ever wondered about people with amnesia? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an adult and not know 40 years worth of memories, people, history? Have you ever wondered how to deal with people like that? Probably not.

Let’s play pretend.

You look completely healthy. Actually you look healthier than before your accident. People look at you and have no clue anything is wrong. You might have to ask one of the simplest things you should know and people will think you are joking.

The responses range from a laugh and answer, to a curse and walking off. All you want to know is where the cooking oil is or which aisle the peanut butter is on.

Imagine if you will, walking in to a store and each time it is a brand new store, no matter how many times you walk in to the store. As far as you know have never been in that store.

Okay, let’s change that. Let’s say you wake up and you don’t know where you are. You look beside you and see a notebook that is opened to a page that says ‘Read Me’. Reading you now know your name, where you are, what is wrong with you, and how to find the restroom in the house because there is a hand drawn map on one of the pages you are told to read.

Imagine that is you every morning because not only do you have amnesia but you have short term memory problems as well.

Then you have to deal with people being mean to you. You are nice to everyone. You even cover your being afraid by joking with the cashier while the 70 year-old woman who drives you places is paying for the groceries.

Now imagine people you know, who talk to you each day, wanting you to be the exact person you were before. But you can’t. You don’t know how you became the person you were before. You want to be that person for those people and you search and search and you try to remember but the keys can’t be found.

Imagine the lack of understanding you have to deal with, even when told by the people they understand. Yes, you understand how the other people are frustrated because you can’t be the same. But what can you do about it? Can you make yourself remember and be the same? I guess that’s where the compassion comes in. Imagine the guilt you would have for not remembering. Imagine how you would see these people sad and looking at you to make things better and can’t. Imagine how the insides of you, the amnesiac are ripped apart each time that look is given, that word is said. Imagine how difficult it is for you to even face those situations that will rip them apart. Imagine the depression you would go through. Imagine how you would want it all to end.

All the things of your life that made you who you were and be the way you were and love the way you did have been forgotten—no, they have been taken away. What have they been replaced with? Opportunities for being made to feel like you are stupid and opportunities for guilt because you aren’t ABLE to act as you once did even if you do feel the same way.

Amnesiacs are a rare thing. They look healthy. They look normal. They are great actors. But they can’t do some of the simplest things due to no fault of their own. How many do you know?

Hello, my name is Ronovan. It says so on my notebook on my bed. Nice to meet you . . . again.

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