RonovanWrites Week In Review Apr. 13-18

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Haiku Prompt Challenge #40

As amazing as it sounds, the Challenge has been going for 40 straight weeks now. Although I didn’t do a separate poem this week, my example is in the post, as always. I believe my title for it would be Our Greater Joy. I hope you enJOY it.


Expectations. She is.



I’m in the A to Z Blogging Challenge and my Theme is Comic Book Creators Around the World.

Kuwait The99 and comics. On trial, for real.

L is for Lithuania. From Painters to Peanuts.


The Big Dumb Family and The Cowboy Book. What a range. Get it? Range, cowboy.

First Sci-Fi to First NZ in USA to Today.

It’s a super day on Ronovan Writes. Go Ontario!

Can a part of Filipino culture come back to life?

My Blog Anniversary post of Choice.
This was a very quiet post with little to no fanfare or fireworks. Not an overabundance of views. My purpose was not for celebration of my blog but to spotlight another blog brought to my attention. One I believe many would be encouraged by.

A writer with class is who influences me.

This was a part of my #BeWoW blog share for Twitter on Wednesdays. BeWoW standing for Be Wonderful on Wednesdays.

My article for my weekly blogshare hashtag for posts about positivity. Share what you got. Just hashtag it like you see it and throw in my Twitter Handle if you want to make certain I see it. Twitter get’s crazy at times. @RonovanWrites.


How To: Do Page Jumps-Return to Top of Page. Updated to make it Simpler.

A tip on how to do those “Click here to go there within the document.” I’ve updated it to make it simpler. More of this type will be coming. And using them gets easier the more you do use them. It doesn’t take me long now that I have a routine down, and learned some short cuts.

What to expect this coming week?

The Sunday post is already out and it coincides with the #1000Speak Nurturing campaign this month.  Nurturing is Genuine. There should be a post from a new writer here on Ronovan Writes. A person who wants to branch out a bit. I also have word of articles possibly coming for guest spots. And you can be certain, that with 10 days left of the AtoZ Challenge I will have some more articles for you. Also the Haiku Challenge will be out, as well as #BeWoW. Why not poetry from me lately? I have thought I didn’t want to overload everyone with too much considering I have all those Challenge articles going out.

Let’s connect.






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