Tomorrow is #BeWoW Day. What advice would you give your younger self?

Tomorrow is #BeWoW Wednesday, my weekly Twitter blogshare of positive posts. This week the suggested topic is to write to yourself “Advice you would give to your younger self.”

An excerpt from my letter.

“Sure, you will feel it in the moment but don’t let it eat you alive to spiritual and emotional death.”

ronovan writes copyright

You don’t have to use that as your idea, but if you need an idea, there you have it.

All you need do is write a post, Tweet it with the hashtag of #BeWoW just as it appears there. It stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday. The post needs to be about positivity, encouragement, motivation, or just something positive. This isn’t a spammer share where you tweet everything you have.

Also I will post my #BeWoW and if you want my Readers to possibly see yours, paste your link in the comments of mine and they might go visit. That will make certain I see them.

You may seem some other  types of tweets in the #BeWoW hashtag but you’ll be able to tell which are which. It’s pretty simple.

Don’t just RT a tweet, and do RT them otherwise why do this, right? But go and visit the post as well. I’ve made some friends and found some surprises.

See you tomorrow. And make sure you are #BeWaTT! Be Wonderfull all The Time!

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8 thoughts on “Tomorrow is #BeWoW Day. What advice would you give your younger self?

  1. I would tell my younger self not to be so afraid of change. The values I have now are very different from the ones I had ten years ago, which is what’s supposed to happen. I really thought I had it all figured out at 15, and that I was set for life. Ha, ha.

    I’d also tell myself that no man is ever worth sacrificing dignity for. I would have told myself to be patient, like mom always said, and feeling insecure is no excuse to settle for someone who mistreats me.

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    • I’ve given young people advice in youth groups and schools that having boyfriends and girlfriends is a waste of time while in school. There is so much else going on that will matter for the rest of your life that the drama of a relationship that will likely only last two weeks to a few months is a waste of emotional energy. Enjoy being young without that pain the behind emotional stuff. 🙂 Save it for late college years.


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