Love Connection. A #BeWoW and #1000Speak Poem.

Sometimes you need to lose a connection to find a connection. One you have may not be the one you need. Once that one is lost, or ended, a new one may enter your life. Connections come and go. Don’t dwell on the lost ones. Focus on the ones not yet made, or the one newly made that may have been the reason for your existence.

Always be open and aware of words and actions. Combined they can tell you the truth. If they conflict, so long. If they agree, then awesome.

This is another entry for the #BeWoW and #1000Speak for today dealing with Connecting.


Next Door
Long Distance
Brick Walls
No Resistance
Coping All
Always Well
Frequent Falls
Temporary Hell
Within Sight
Within Sound
Wishing Blind
Heaven Found
No Reason
Every Moment
Forgotten Purpose
Eternal Appointment
Madness Mayhem
Quiet Peace
Constant Pain
Sweet Release
Decision Made
Belonging Heart
Leaving Away
Never Apart

 Much Respect


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