My way to keep moving on when down? My #BeWoW Post.

I wanted to do something light and simple for today’s BeWoW post. I always get myself in the trap of trying to write something that is informative of inspirational as far as how I deal with my everyday health problems and putting a positive spin on things to keep going.

Well, one way to do that is, can you guess?

That’s right, don’t try to put a spin on anything. Just go with the flow and find something to make your day fun and frolicsome. Wow, that’s a word? Did I just admit I didn’t know that’s a word? I’ll blame it on the amnesia/concussion.

So one thing I do to have fun is Youtube. I can’t really watch TV but I can do little clips or interviews. So I thought of Natalie Imbruglia one day. One of the most gorgeous women EVER!

Okay, I’m good now. I can continue.

Anyway, I saw an interview with her and that led me to her song Torn. Duh, right? Well here is a different version. Awesome.

And now you know how I pass the time sometimes. When I can’t write I can at least have some fun.






Much Respect


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