Listing the Negatives in Your Life.

I am going to ask you to make lists today. Not lists to share with anyone. These lists are to be made of negatives of your life. I want you to give the lists the following headings:

  • External Negatives: These are negatives that are outside your control. Things you are not able to personally control your long term reactions to or veer away from being influenced by.
  • Internal Negatives: These are negatives you are in control of. Things you personally can control your reactions to, your thoughts about, and being influenced by.
  • Temporary Negatives: These are negatives you see as one time events.
  • Constant Negatives: These are those things that seem to be always there to cause you stress and bring you down.

I would give you examples but these are Your Negatives and Your Thoughts of which list they fall under.

Don’t do anything with these lists yet. Simply take the next week to, take your  time, and think about filling out the lists. It’s okay to move one thing from list A to list B during that time as your thoughts become accustomed to what is what in your life.

I am sure you have had people tell you to make lists of the positives in your life, but I have another idea. Next week you will find out what it is and it will make so much sense. And no, fire will not be involved in regards to the lists.

Join me next week in an article tentatively titled Positivity: Increasing your Positivity Percentage.

One helpful article I wrote a while back might be beneficial. Don’t ALLOW people to control YOU. It speaks of the advice I received from an executive with Coca-Cola and self-made woman.


Much Love, Success, and Respect to All


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