#100WordWisdom Your Negatives are Good For You.

Negatives in your life are good. Okay, wait, recognizing you have negatives is good. Negatives are your way of coping and realizing things aren’t right in some way.

The only thing bad about a negative is what you do with it. For one thing, you don’t hang onto a negative. Let it go.

Secondly, you retain the wisdom of the negative in order that the next time something similar happens, you are prepared and are able to push through it with greater ease.

Keep a Negative Journal. Note how you worked through each one. You will be wiser and happier.

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Much Love, Success, and Respect


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5 thoughts on “#100WordWisdom Your Negatives are Good For You.

  1. Excellent advice, Ronovan! I started that journal when you made the post of listing the negatives in your life… it has been an eye-opener!


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