Is it the end of the USA? After the recent Presidential election a lot of people were devastated with the results. I think if you base opinions on things said during the election period there would be some reason for concern. I for one am not worried. Why? Because I realize how campaigns are carried out in America and that Donald Trump is a salesman first. He knew how to play on what people most wanted to hear, mostly about jobs and ignored his idiotic rants. Were the rants the right things to say? No.

I’m hoping to see the person I’ve seen during one on one interviews as opposed to the campaign trail speeches where he veered away from his script and went off on a tangent. He’s not a great ad-libber. I’m also considering how politics works. Presidents get into office in America and not a whole lot actually happens. A few policies are worked on but over all not much really takes place and a great deal doesn’t change, especially when it comes to relations with other nations.

In addition, I’m hoping Trump’s ego keeps him focused. He will want to end up with a presidency better than Obama’s. So I hope he puts the right people in the real Cabinet positions that do things. So far all he’s chosen are advisory people, not actual Cabinet Secretaries. There is hope. Or so I hope.

My friends around the world don’t need to worry. My friends within the US don’t need to worry. Donald Trump has been a Democrat his whole life until recently. Not sure why he changed other than in reaction to how Obama made fun of him at a White House Press Diner a few years ago. Maybe he decided at that point to show the President and everyone there that he would have the last laugh.

As a Christian I am praying that common sense rules and I know that no matter what that God has control of my life and my ultimate reward. I’m here only for a brief moment in time as a visitor.

Again to my friends, don’t fear Trump or take seriously his rants he went off on during the campaign, they were just that, rants. Some of you won’t like what I’ve said, but I’ve been pretty quiet about all of this and everything else. Donald Trump wasn’t my choice for President. My choice wasn’t on the ballot. I put up with Obama for 8 years, I guess I can put up with Trump for the next 4.

If you’re still reading, note the great use of hope and pray in this post. That’s all we can ever do with anyone elected to anything.


5 thoughts on “Trumped.

  1. The problem with idiotic rants is that people actually listen to them. The problem is that some think the things said are good examples of how to act.
    I see the same thing happening here when another corrupt leader holds a speech.
    But, I hope you are right in that we don’t have to fear a Trumped America. I hope for the best for y’all over there. Hope for the best is pretty much all we can do in any situation. After all it does not help to paint the devil on the wall and live in fear. One can only take each day as it comes. Time will tell what the future holds. Good to read you back here.

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  2. Hope keeps us going, true.
    It is hope that kept a few alive from the gas chambers, that is also true.
    Kristalnacht was not just politics.
    Once Pandora’s box is opened, the genie is out.
    It’s not God that I have lost faith, I have lost faith on those who had used God time and again to enslave the human spirit.

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  3. I totally agree Ronovan, as an outsider on the other side of the pond I am hoping an praying for America that Trump is not what he seems. Hopefully with good guidance he might be okay. I would not of voted for either candidate the electorate had a rock and a hard place to choose from.
    We know all about political turmoil here in the UK all I can say nothing really changes and all will be well.

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  4. Some of the things Trump did – mocking handicapped people – should horrify the people who supported him. The fact that they loved it makes me more frightened of them than him, to be honest.

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  5. I was browsing and found your post. I am curious, one month and a victory tour of rants and ramblings… what do you think of Trump now? Does he still not worry you?

    Beyond his abrasive personality, and crude manners… I’m still struggling with all the conflicts of interest and his statements that he lied just to get votes, how he was ever approved by the RNC to begin with… (didn’t they do a background and financial check?) and how he is still here after all the mean tweets, many of those AFTER he won the election.


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