Guess That Art II! Mr. Potato Head meets Annie Lane. (I mean that in a good way.)

Warning ahead of time, no cheating is allowed in this guessing game and challenge of your cultural level of artistic knowledge.

I have to say that although this may look rather simplistic it is perhaps one of the most dramatic pieces of art you will ever see. Once you learn the why of this particular masterpiece of emotion you’ll be able to understand each detail, well maybe not, but clarity will come.

Comment your opinions about the piece and if you know what, when and who about it then all the better to let everyone know. Look at the details. (Click on the image to see a larger version.

Write a piece of poetry or even a post. If you create a post, link back to here or even put your link in the comments, just like with the Haiku Challenge. Or you can simply share your poetry in the comments. Good luck ,good viewing, good inspiration, and finally, good creating. Also, if you are artistic and create something inspired by this, share it with us.

Guess That Art 2 image


14 thoughts on “Guess That Art II! Mr. Potato Head meets Annie Lane. (I mean that in a good way.)

  1. Gah. I remember learning about this one in my Art Appreciation class a few years ago. I can’t remember the artist or the history of the painting, but I think it’s called “Guernica”. Am I close?


  2. That’s what the inside of an aiport looks like to me every time I have to endure traveling through one. It’s like a bull fight where the sounds are swords and the swirl of motion can’t be tracked. Too much chaos,

    Never was a fan of Picasso, the surreal in.his paintings are anxiety.

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    • I think this part of history is left out due to the timing and location. I studied Nazi and Facism in University for my history education degree and never heard of this. So this is right up my alley to share with it being so closely attached to history of WWII.


      • Most European school children would recognise this painting. The war, Fascism and Germany is still very present. I say Germany because the country still has a big ‘image’ problem in Europe. The Spanish Civil War is taught here because it was an important prelude to WWII and we have a large Spanish population who fled Franco.


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