Dance Till Dawn – a Poetry Story for the #RWThe13WritingChallenge.

Dance Till Dawn
by Ronovan

Are you old and decrepit

or aged and wise?

Are you young and foolish

or idiot in disguise?


No matter your answer,

you’ll be pleased to know,

The devil is in you,

way deep in your soul.


He travels your pathways,

sees through your eyes.

He kills your darlings

and thrills your lies.


Your betraying glances

are his to play and toy.

Making his days fun,

and his nights to enjoy.


In either day or night,

matters not to he.

He’ll help dig your grave,

dance on it with glee.


But this tale fear not,

a myth to be sure.

The devil doesn’t dance,

but your writhing and twisting?          It holds an allure.

(The Badge)

Orange Letter with qwill and ink on black background.My writing with 113 Word Count for the,

Ronovan Writes The13 Writing Challenge

Theme: Spooky. Challenge: Write your style/choice with a word count of 13/113/213/313/413 or 513. It can be more, but try to stick with these. Title not included in wordcount. Pingback here or to the challenge prompt by clicking the link in blue, orange, and black (the link just above these plain text sentences.

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© 2020- Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.

Dance till dawn poetry image. Orange letters on black background. Orange quill and inkwell.


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