RW’s The13 Writing Challenge. A Spooky Word Count Enforced Challenge (The Shorter Explanation.)

This is a much shorter version of last week’s post, which was around 1500 words. This week’s post is under 600, with 132 of that being the recommended tip post descriptions.

This year I thought I would hold a writing challenge based around a spooky theme, your interpretation of that. I intend to do this annually moving forward. This would be a prime opportunity to share the ‘spooky’ is of your country/culture.

(The Badge)Orange Letter with qwill and ink on black background.


Write a spooky (Your interpretation of what that means.) piece of word fiction (Your choice of style.)

  1. Use one of these word counts: 13, 113, 213, 313, 413, or 513.
  2. I would like it to have a beginning, middle, and end. No matter the style, it is still a work of fiction. Those three elements don’t have to be what we traditionally think of. Yes, Poetry can have those. A hero or main character, conflict, and resolution would be nice. Again, those three elements don’t have to be what we traditionally think of.
  3. At 00:01 Wednesday, October 28th, 2020, EST: My personal piece will go live. You can post that day and pingback to it and/or copy and paste your link. Also, you can copy and paste your link in the comments. (Did you know that you could post tomorrow, include the link in the next section, and on the 28th, it will ping my post?) So you could copy and paste your link/pingback to this post your reading AND set a pingback for the 28th post. I just blew my mind.
  4. MY POST’S SHORT LINK TO PINGBACK: (I’ve already named my post, Dance Till Dawn, without having an idea what it’s about or style for it yet. I figured that’ll be even more of a challenge.) It will go live At 00:01 Wednesday, October 28th, 2020, EST, or New York City time, although I don’t live in New York City. (How to do a Pingback )
  5. Did you know that if you wrote a piece and published it today, with my Oct. 28th link in it as a pingback, that it would activate when my post goes live next week?
  6. So you could pingback both here and there. You could even paste your link in this post’s comments and then come back on the 28th and paste them there.
  7. The Hashtag to Use: #RWThe13WritingChallenge This is if you want to use it. For social media as well as the WordPress Reader. It’s easier when you do it that way for you to find works by those who you don’t follow and for those who don’t follow you.
  8. On Thursday, October 29th, I’ll begin making a post with all the links, as I do with the poetry challenges. I hope to include a one-sentence description for each piece.
  9. Saturday, October 31: The collection post will go live on.

For the original post with some tips, inspirations, and the like, click HERE.

For further inspiration and tips, see:

5 Ways to Discover Story Ideas. This one came out this week. The name says it all, except for the fact it gives some examples of some of the ‘Ways’ provided.

Stripping for Fiction.  This is about how to write Flash Fiction.

Using Proofing to Help Your Fiction Diction & More! With this one, you learn how to use Word to polish your piece. It shows you how to customize your Spell and Grammar Check in Word to do so much more than you realized. It includes checking for Passive Sentences and can even give you the reading grade level of your piece.

5 Unexpected Ways to Inject Humor Into Your Writing  Spooky doesn’t mean scary. Think of the Abbot and Costello meets (Insert Monster Here) movies.

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