Daddy’s Baby Boy – a 10×10/Vocabularicon poem

Daddy’s Baby Boy


They sneak at night, to pick their mid, fall  gourd,

But they know not,  they have crossed the Dark Lord.

bikurgurl photo all rights reserved pumpkin farm at night


The clouds do glow,

to buy the fools some time,

and lead the way,

clear of his broods’ wet grime.

Image by Bikurgurl

They come each year, to choose for their blithe signs,

and with plans made, hunt one with thick lush vines.


Once he is found, his life’s line is cut short,

pray what comes next, you’ve heard tell of a sort.


The Dark Lord comes, his rage steams up the night,

It’s All Saint’s Eve, and Dad’s set for a fright.

I used this form of poetry for my last poem, Fuel, for the first time, also written for one of our very own poet community members., MMA Storytime’s challenges. I’ve had the idea for this style for a while, haven’t been able to find it out there anywhere so far. I call it the 10×10, meaning 10 lines with 10 one-syllable words each. You see the structure above if you’d like to try it.

This 10×10/Vocabularicon poem has been composed in response to bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday image prompt below. (Out on Wednesdays, see the challenge list at top of this blog.)She provides the image, and you write what you like, how you like, with, I’ll say, exactly 100 words. She’s a bit more lenient. As you can see, I used my new style for this one. It just works so well, I couldn’t resist.


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© 2020- Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.



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