new storms ahead – a poem

new storms ahead




with one cold shudder

life falls into the abyss,

never to return


never to return,

the frozen traumatized land,

the dirt now laid bare


the dirt now laid bare,


its cutting care spent


its cutting care spent,

abused lands once more tended,

new red flags ahead




I imagine those reading this one might think of a certain topic but it has many meanings. Did you know that when farmers, gardeners, and anyone who has to dig in a new area should get a person to come out and search for the utilities underground first? The person will place red flags where any existing areas of concern are which will remain areas of concern for the future unless the utility is rerouted, made obsolete, or the person needing to dig, finds another, equally or more fertile place to dig.

A Shi Rensa for this week’s Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge.

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