Right Practiced- A poem.

Right Practiced

The tension we feel is not good,
neither is it bad or evil.
It’s sane in times of upheaval,
when dreaming of what could or should.

Once deflating we know we stood,
now, meditating on the scale.
We played our part, we did it well,
braved to choose, whether right or err.
Down to the wire, a closing scare,
gasping for breath, breathe deep, exhale.


Whether you enjoyed my poem or not, please click the link below to head to this week’s challenge page and visit some of the loyal who keep coming back to write using this style of poetry that is so accomodating to different ideas and more difficult than you may think to write. And it’s a great feeling to know you’re writing in a style created hundreds of years ago in Spain.

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge NO. 30 EXHALE.

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