Twilight Serenade – a poem.

Twilight Serenade

music of the night

each chirp a different voice

out of the twilight

How to Write a Haiku in English Form

A haiku for this week’s Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge of CHIRP and Twilight.

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Cricket Chirps and Concrete Keeps

Cricket Chirps and Concrete Keeps

by: Ronovan

 Backporch Light

Do you remember back when

Back before childhood went to sleep

You know back when the crickets would chirp

Way way out in the forest so deep


Real glass bottles of fizz

Flavored orange or grape

You could stay outside

Way way past late


Fireflies would blink

They challenged the stars

They were way easier to catch

Way way easier by far


You didn’t need anybody

You could sit outside alone

No one would bother you

Way way far from a phone


It’s hard to remember back when

Back before childhood went to sleep

I don’t hear the chirp of the crickets

Way way far from this concrete keep



© Copyright-All rights 22, 2014.