A Racist Confessed – A Décima Poem

A Racist Confessed

I confess that I’m a racist.

Looking away from bigotry.

Angry at one man’s bended knee.

Knowing that blue on black exists.

Hoping proof shows the black resists.

Loving the colors of all skin?

Bet on who I’ll blame the break-in.

Time all these lies become past tense.

Pray man comes to a common sense.

Confess we’ve held down our own kin


This Décima was inspired by this week’s Décima by Vocabularical (Is that not the best name for a wordsmith?)-  Décima Challenge: Sense. That’s the name of his entry post. Click it and you will not be disappointed. I reblogged it here on my blog, but he deserves to have it read where it lives. Please do go and read it. It will hit some of you right between the eyes.


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My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 10 SENSE. (A New Challenge here on ronovanwrites.com)

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