nature saves – a kouta poem

care for life in      all      its forms

each      with purpose and meaning

protecting one another

fail in this       means death



The Japanese poetry form of kouta, meaning little song, was apparently created during the Muromachi Period (14th-16th centuries). It became popular again during the late 1800s as a Geisha song style.

There are two versions;

  1. A four-line or quatrain poem with the syllable pattern of 7/5/7/5.
  2. A four-line or quatrain poem with the syllable pattern of 7/7/7/5.

There are no hard and fast theme elements to consider. Some kouta use colloquialisms and onomatopoeia. The thing to remember is, it’s all according to your imagination. I have seen sites mentioning a fifth line may be added

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For added information:

One point to consider about the Geisha song style of Kouta is, the song may contain a 5/7/7 style. This is based on the first such Geisha song using this style in 1856. There may also be confusion in how the west interprets the style into English.

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My Loves: A Man’s Testimony of Heart

What kind of love do men feel? I considered searching for opinions and comparing them to what I come up with, but then I decided that since I am writing this from a man’s perspective, specifically mine, that I would just go with my own thoughts. After all, I’ve been told in the past there isn’t a doubt about my being a man. I’ve always taken that as a compliment.


What love does a man feel? I could go into the various loves of sports and foods but I’m not doing that today. Instead I wanted to discuss the real things that pull, pound, and pulverize the heart. The kinds of love that when they don’t go right, leave you feeling like you have the worst flu any man can ever have.


This is about loves for a woman. This is about the loves that men don’t talk about. This about the loves men deny that have to their friends. But if you are a man and you say you’ve never had one of these loves, then . . . count yourself blessed or else have an exam done because you are in denial.


Men get those loves. Is there a level order of love? Men think much of order in things like this. I’m not sure why and I don’t really care to delve into the why. At this moment my heart is on loves. I often wonder when it isn’t.


I see no reason to not just say I as I write this. Why not say man or men? I’m speaking from what I know. I am sure other men feel or have felt what I might talk about, but this is me. As I begin this I have no plan. What you read will be whatever comes out of me as I go. Think of this as an open heart letter unedited.


My Loves: A Man’s Testimony of Heart

by: Ronovan

Love from afar. I know her but she’s out of reach. The thought of her for a moment makes the world lighter than air but then the aching heart begins. My mind quickly tells me the truth. I fight it. I don’t want to know the truth, I just want those moments of happiness, even if they are illusions and delusions. They only harm me. Why can I not enjoy them for a moment?

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My Desires: My Letter of Confession to . . .

I am a simple man. What I desire is obvious to anyone that wishes to discover.

What do I desire? I desire to be stimulated, mind over matter. Turn my mind on and you have me forever. Only turn my body on and have me for a few hours. I want to belong forever to . . .

What do I desire? I desire physical pleasure; a touch from love, a hand in mine that sends electricity through my body, a caress of my cheek that makes my body melt, a tender kiss that makes my body alive. I live because of . . .

What do I desire? I desire friendship far more than relationship. A friend understands, cares, is there, is honest, fights for you and with you if you are deserving of either. A friendship wants to be and does not have to be. I want to be wanted by . . .

What do I desire? I desire a tortured heart. A heart that has been destroyed and resurrected knows what love is. Some say you do not need to have been destroyed to know love. Perhaps, however for me I know what love is because I am destroyed every day. Every day that ends away from . . .

What do I desire? I desire that one person that I can never stop thinking about. At 2 AM my eyes open and a thought comes to mind and sleep is finished. Thoughts of the day ahead and the conversations I wish for play out in my mind. What will be today? I cannot stop thinking about  . . .

What do I desire? ‘What more could there be’ you might ask. Someone that consumes my mind, body, friendship, soul and thoughts is what I have shared, what is it I desire? What does all of this mean? You must know me well enough by now. You must know.

What one desire has not been revealed? The one I desire is . . .



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