Double Trouble or Take a Knee and the Buck stops here.

A quite day one moment and then you check Twitter and BOOM! I’m not complaining. Sometimes the fastest way to find out something is by seeing it trend on Twitter. I just happened to look at the right time. So what two things could I be talking about?

A Fox News reporter being doused with water? No, and that was childish and rude behavior that could have escalated in to a legal outcome if the lady had wanted it to.

Was it the #CAVSvsCELTICS game with one moment showing the King traveling enough to walk the length of the Great Wall of China and the next moment being praised that he could play pro-football in the NFL for his leaping and catching ability? No, although that is entertaining.

So what are the two things I’m interested in?

The first is a new rule set by the NFL that if players kneel during the National Anthem, the team will be penalized 15 yards. Now some are saying this is a racist move since the primary participants in this action are black. Here’s the way I look at it. Those guys are being paid a lot of money to go to work. This isn’t them paying for a ticket and sitting in the stands during the National Anthem. The players platform is not on the field or the sidelines. You can disagree if you like. but that’s my opinion.

Now for the truly important.issue of the day I can honestly say, well actually that’s the only way I do say anything on here, that I am sickened but what I watched. Being a Southern white man some of you might find it odd that I am what might be called a Liberal leaning Republican or what I have decided to call a no party voter. This is different from being an Independent because even that  moniker has a certain platform attached to it. I’ve decide that after three decades of being a Republican that I just can’t take it any longer. I am not an issue voter across the board and will vote whoever is closest to what I am. Yes, that is what Trump has driven me to realize so that’s one thing I can thank him for in regards to his being President.

Sterling Brown Milwaukee Bucks

So what is the important issue? A Rookie professional basketball player, or first year player, named Sterling Brown, a young black man, was arrested in January between 2 and 3 AM in Milwaukee where his team the Milwaukee Bucks is based. Admittedly he did the awful thing of parking illegally in the middle of the night to take up the spaces from the rush of the crowd that was dying to get in to the Walgreen’s drug store. I watched all 30 minutes of the body cam video the police finally released. I saw a young man who was not antagonistic, not arrogant, not aggressive, not resistant, not disrespectful, basically I saw the ideal young man waiting to get a parking ticket that he deserved. Then what did I see?

At least 7-8 police vehicles arrived, Sterling Brown was surrounded, and after quietly waiting and speaking with the other officers, and repeatedly reaching in to his pocket to turn of his car alarm that was being activated by a rather short officer. Another officer yells for him to take his hands out of his pockets and Brown says he has something in his hand, in other words it’s taking him a second to follow the order, which was an odd order since he was doing exactly as he had been doing the entire time. Then he is tackled to the ground by numerous police officers and then while he is on the ground, defenseless, he his tased, and then handcuffed. The video is 30 minutes long. The arresting officer toward the end of the video said he was sorry he didn’t recognize Brown’s famous name, and continued in a sarcastic tone and stated that everything was being recorded, as if the recording would support his view of things.

You know, there are some videos that can be interpreted in different ways, but this one? Wow! This was so bad that the mayor of Milwaukee expressed how serious his concerns were as did the Chief of Police. All concerned are basically hoping that the citizens of Milwaukee will not take any violent protest action. Brown stated that he will be handling this. He’s going to be filing a civil rights suit against the department. Looking at his mugshot it looks bad, as though he is on some drug, and that is what a lot of racist will say, but he’s not. Just think about it, it was already late, then he gets tackled, tased, arrested, and basically put through the ringer. Of course as soon as he arrived at the police precinct and they realized who he was and just what they were going to be facing, they dropped everything, even the idea of the ticket.

And what has happened to the officers involved? They have been disciplined. Disciplined? Firing should be what happened. Not only did they do wrong, but they also lied in their reports about what happened. Thank goodness for the body cam video as well as the security video from the cameras in the parking lot.

You may be able to tell I am a bit fired up over this. I cannot stand it when stupid people do stupid things like this. I just don’t understand it. I really don’t. You see, I like people of all colors. In fact I love them. A lot of my favorite entertainers are something other than white. And as far as my celebrity crushes I can maybe think of one or two that are white. It just doesn’t matter to me. Yes, I am aware there are people of different colors out there and that they are treated differently by a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean I am that way or that I have to understand why they act that way. I never will understand it.

Even after all Sterling Brown went through, he apparently went home, got some sleep, and then that night played in his game just like a responsible young man should. The reporters saw the bruises and cuts on his body during the game.

Inspiration Today



This is an excerpt from Aeneas Williams’ 2014 Football Hall of Fame induction speech. It is great for everyone in that the message is universal. Please take the time to read it and be inspired and motivated. This not about me and this site, this is about you and what’s ahead.

“Hey, let me tell you first thing, begin with the end in mind.  People say what’s it like to be up here?  I’m going to tell you what it’s like.  I learned write down what’s in your heart.  See, growing up I grew up in church, but I never gave my life to Christ.  I didn’t understand how God related to everyday life.  When I was growing up, I thought church was a religious deal.  You go sin for six days, then on the 7th day, empty your sin bucket and go do it again.

But I’m going to tell you something, I was on pace to graduate with my degree in accounting in three years and I don’t even like numbers.  My brother Achilles graduated with his degree in accounting in three and a half years.  He called me back and he said little brother, slow down.  You’ll be working the rest of your life.

Ladies and gentlemen, I tell you, it was at that time over the two years, freshman and sophomore year my uncle William and a guy named Michael Lindsey who was on Southern University’s football team who also played with me in high school.  He would always, and my uncle would always say, they called me Nicky in New Orleans, so if I hear aeneas_williams_touchdown_rams.jpgNicky, I know you know you’re from New Orleans.  And they would say, why don’t you play football?  I’m going to tell you why I didn’t play football because I didn’t know how God talked to you.  I would hear people say God talk to me.  I was standing next to them; I didn’t hear anything.  I tell you how you know.  A week before the season started my junior year in college, it was different.  Unlike the freshman, sophomore year.

In September, you football guys know when the weather changes.  It goes from dead hot summer to the fall.  We all know because it’s getting time right now.  We’re itching right now on this stage.  We know it’s getting ready to be football season.  Yeah, you fans know it’s getting ready to be football season.  So how do you know?  Some people say you got to be a Christian to know God talks to you.  No!  God is talking to us all the time.

How do you think I got on defense?  Troy Descano, when I was playing 95 pound ball, and we decided I was a big bad running back.  I emulated Larry Csonka.  I went out running, and we decided we hadn’t lost a game, and we decided we’re big and bad, we’re going to play the 110 pound guys, and Troy Descano was at the 110 pound guys.  I came through the hole, Troy hit me so hard.  I was on the ground wondering when I’m going to catch my next breath.  It was at that time God spoke to me.  You know what he said?  He said, “You got to be better hitting people than getting hit.”

So I’m telling you pay attention to the signs God’s giving you.  Back to the story, all of a sudden when it comes down to God talking my heart changed a week before the season started.  That’s what happened.  All of a sudden, it entered my heart to walk on the football team a week before the season starts.  Made no sense, but the first sensible thing I did was didn’t tell my parents.  I’m already on my parents’ dime.  I’m getting ready to finish, and I didn’t tell my home boys who were from New Orleans.  I walked on, started my fifth game Bayou Classic, that’s right, Bayou Classic, all you State people, it’s Southern University.  God’s favorite color is blue.

It was after the Bayou Classic after my second year playing, I read in the newspaper one of my coaches said, “Aeneas Williams is a good player, but I don’t think he’ll ever go pro because, at best he runs a 4.6, 40.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the difference when I learned the difference between facts and truth.  Facts were I did run a 4.6, 40.  The truth is I found my teammate Brian Thomas, and Brian, if you’re here, if you could stand up.  Brian was the fastest guy on Southern University’s track team and the fastest guy on Southern’s football team.  He was a wide receiver, and he was our Usain Bolt, 6’3″, and Brian wrote on his practice pants siren is speed, and speed kills.  I couldn’t cover him.  I’d lineup ten yards off Brian and he’d run right by me.

Brian had thing when he’d run by you he’d make this noise (imitating).  So when I read that I didn’t get bitter.  Some people spend their whole life to prove people wrong.  The goal is not to prove people wrong.  The goal is to reach youraeneas_williams_thanking_God_Cardinals.jpg potential.  The first thing I did was went to Brian Thomas because mentors are critical.  You have to find credible others.  I didn’t go to the offensive line.  I went to Brian.  I went to Brian after we had upset Grambling.  I said, Brian, can you help me get faster.  Brian Thomas looked me in the eyes like I’m looking at these Hall of Famers.  He said, Aeneas you can run a 4.3, 40.  It baffled my mind because all my life I’ve been a long distance guy.  They said you can’t have speed, you either got it or you don’t.

I said, Brian what do I do?  He said Aeneas, walk on the track team.  Now I’m in graduate school.  I’m going into January.  I’m going to finish my final season while in graduate school in the fall.  I said, Brian, what do we do?  He said get next to me because more is caught than taught.  I said, Brian, and we running, we working out.  All of a sudden we’re finished running, and Brian is walking like we hadn’t worked out.  I’m on the ground and my legs are telling me, Aeneas, you can keep this up or we through.  Ladies and gentlemen, by April of that spring, the scouts came and I ran a 4.3, 40.  I was the number two rated cornerback in all the country.”


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