TO SOAR – a poem

I miss the beauty while in the pain.

I forget the truth while fighting the lies.

I lose confidence while filthy in self-pity.




jailed in the mind-itching madness of insanity

the heart atrophies one beat at a time.

for the lack of…



of one touch

one touch

is that it

is that all it takes

all it takes for the heart to burst

from my chest and to soar

to soar across the lands

to soar across seas

to soar


to soar to… sweet… whispers

to… healing

or is it to soar to beat faster

and faster

and faster…

with each touch of lips and fingertips

is that mending

or is that sweet beauty

is that sweet pain

sweet insanity

sweet madness

the madness of a love so strong it defies the world

defines what love is what love has never been

oh that day

that day is going down in the works of historians

is going down in the songs of mankind

is going down

and all the pain, the tragedy,

the endless seconds passing in a hell of denial

will be soothed and released by the whispers




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© 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.