My Birth Song: Long and Winding Road-The Beatles.

A Birth Song? I created this as far as I know. But it’s the song that was #1 the day you were born. What’s your Birth Song? Maybe it’s not a #1 on the Billboard charts in the US but somewhere else.

For me?

It’s 1970 and the announcement of the break up of The Beatles has already been made. That doesn’t stop the hits from coming.

The week of June 20th 1970 comes along and this is the #1 song “Long and Winding Road”. Some may wonder about a Birth Song. Is there a coincidence in happenings? I don’t believe so. Looking at my life, my notebook, and me today, my Birth Song was aptly named.

What’s your Birth Song?


12 thoughts on “My Birth Song: Long and Winding Road-The Beatles.

  1. Love that song. Is birth song a thing? The #1 song in the US the day I was born was.. Mariah Carey’s Hero. Really underwhelming. It kinda makes up for it that Elvis and Bowie were born the same day as me, though.


    • 🙂 I made up Birth Song but I thought it sounded good. 🙂 And it does make sense. Mine makes a lot of sense. Maybe a number 1 song in another country might work for you. 😀


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