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It continues to amaze me that anyone would find me inspiring, especially enough to nominate me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. But for some reason Tess of ITYPEMORETHANITALK decided to honor me. The truth is she’s the one that is inspiring; law student and blogger? Wow! So, what if she thinks she may want to go more literary . . . don’t we all at some point? Follow her and read and maybe you’ll find out she might be wanting to go in the right direction.


I wonder if she’s thought about working in publishing or an agency.

Here are the rules for the award:

1.Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2.List the rules and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5.Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.


My Seven Facts to Share: (I didn’t even try to be interesting.)

1)      I recently spent 10 months believing I was a year older than I am. No, I’m not that off in the head, it was just the concussion’s fault. You can talk to it later.

2)      I write my poetry with my eyes closed so I can’t interrupt what is going on. Get out of the way of the heart and the brain . . . just type.

3)      My writing career came about from wanting to be a comic book artist. I listened to my parents and instead of taking Art in college I became a History teacher, although I love that as well.

4)      I am into Apologetics or what is also known as Defending Your Faith. This is basically believing the Bible is what the Bible is. I have listened and read various evidence for and against. I don’t listen to the whacked out Bible debaters who really just compromise and I don’t listen to the whacked out extremists the other way. I listen to those with well thought out reasons and respect them for their thoughts even if I don’t agree. (Pardon the used of the phrase  “whacked out”.)

5)      I am a Foodie in that I love the experience of food, not just the eating of it.

6)      I recently lost 70 pounds in 6 months. (Apparently I haven’t been experiencing food very often.)

7)      I like to make homemade pizzas with veggies on them, but veggies like zucchini. (With these final two facts I must be hungry at the time of the writing of this.)


My 15 Nominees are: (In no particular order)

Zareen of Orange Shoes Talking

A great writer in many ways but the honesty and heart of one of her articles is what really finally made me be a true fan. Follow her here on Twitter.


Cataline of Obscured Dreamer

Yes, she’s a great writer but again, with me, heart is what really inspires me to be a devoted follower. This lady has it. Follower her here on Twitter.


Cielo of Ways of Life

She has a way of putting humor with relevancy in her writing. She hooks me in and then punches me at the end and I have to laugh. This young lady has been a recent and wonderful find. She pushes me to examine my own writing and want to have more fun with it. This particular article just had me and like I said at the end I died. Follow her here on Twitter.


Dyanne of Her Other Lovely Sides

Dyanne is not new to blogging, she’s been around. I not only enjoy her presence here in our WordPress community but also her support on Twitter. There is something uplifting about her favoriting or ReTweeting something I put out. She inspires in many ways but those moments can just keep you going at times. Follow her here on Twitter.


Cyril at Cyril Bussiere

Great writing and a very supportive Follower. I know authors sometimes don’t like to necessarily receive Blogging Awards but I give them anyway as a sign of appreciation. He has a book available on kindle. Follow him here on Twitter.


Name? at Behold the Infinite

Would I like to know her name? Yep. But her writing tells me enough. Strong in her thoughts and what she believes in. Do you really need to know anything other than that? That’s really the meaning of a name, right? One of the most generous Followers in providing comments to my articles and honest ones. There has been a good relationship built on creativity and honesty. A recent article actually played off well on one of mine without even there being a plan. I greatly enjoyed it. Twitter? Alas, no. I wish. Then again maybe she does and just refuses to share it with ME!



Jenn of jennspoint

What to say about Jenn? I’ll let her tag line say it for me. “Life is a series of transitions. It’s not about where you are right no. It’s about which direction you’re going. Smile, and drink a frappuccino.” This lady has such a background. And she is such a great follower on Twitter. She is a bright spot in my day. Follow her here on Twitter.


Vashti of Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Vashti writes about her progress of writing her books but also shares heart in some of her other offerings. I always enjoy the looks into the woman behind the books. Again, author with a book available here, but I am showing my appreciation any way. Of course you must follow her here on Twitter.



Amber of Amber’s Deep Thoughts

Amber is a poet. She always has lovely things to write about and even works with friends to set her work to music or maybe the other way around. I love the photos she uses because they are always very well chosen and very light feeling. Twitter? She probably keeps that secret. Bummer.


Name? I’ll just call her Radiating of Radiating Blossom

Radiating does just that, she radiates beauty with her photography and words and always seems to have something show up just at the right time for me to maybe pull myself up before I slip all the way into that Lost Mind of mine.


Douglas of MOOREZART

Talented doesn’t begin to describe this man. His art is amazing. This particular piece hit me like an anvil and creative scenes for stories began popping into my mind. Follow him here on Twitter.


Cristian of Cristian Mihai

The only thing to say about Cristian is that he creates and keeps creating. I’m jealous of one his age so far ahead of me. Yes, he has books. And yes you need to follow him here on Twitter.


Meike ‘Hubi’ of Hubilicious

She’s German, educated at a French University and lives in California. Do I have to really say more? Yes, follow her here on Twitter.

Megan of Megan Elizabeth Morales

Megan is inspiring for her work, her life, her heart, and just for being a beautiful person in every way. I’ll leave it there and you find out the rest. She has two books on the way with one out this Fall I believe or August? Please ‘like’ her facebook author page to show support. You know we all need that presence for agents and publishers. I liked it as me and with my own author page.


Oscar at Hokeah Oscar

A man that lives what he writes, writes what he lives, and does it all with his heart for his people.  And of course he’s published.


Much Appreciation for the Award

Much Respect for my Nominees



11 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award-From Tesscarr

  1. Why am I most intrigued by the concussion fact? It certainly sounds novel material! I’ve also never considered writing poetry with closed eyes before – that may solve some issues with self-editing I seem to have… thank you for sharing your facts, and for linking to so many new and awesome blogs. 🙂


  2. Congratulations to you! You are deserving! You are an inspiration to many people. I look forward to reading through the blogs you’ve listed, as I’m positive they have great content they’re sharing too.

    An aside: A very humble thank you for the nomination.


  3. Thank you for being so lovely about me! You really do deserve this award, I enjoy reading all your posts and you really are an inspiration to me 🙂 I can’t wait to check out the blogs you’ve listed!

    p.s. I think about going into journalism all the time and have a little column in my local newspaper (so working in publishing is certainly being considered!).


      • Ah they’re only in the newspaper as they simply talk about what activities are taking place in my nearby villages- but if I ever become a more acclaimed columnist I’ll be sure to link them! 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:

    I put this out over the weekend but I wanted everyone to see the people I chose for nominations. To those selected you can make your own badge to give to the next people and if this one does not fit with your blog then let me know. 🙂 This was just how you all make me feel.


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