Innocence is Freedom. #WQWWC

“Writing novels preserves you in a state of innocence – a lot passes you by – simply because your attention is otherwise diverted.”-Anita Brookner CBE (16 July 1928 – 10 March 2016[1]) was a British award-winning novelist and art historian. She was Slade Professor of Fine Art at the University of Cambridge from 1967 to 1968 and was the first woman to hold this visiting professorship. She was awarded the 1984 Man Booker Prize for her novel Hotel du Lac.

When looking for a quote to use in this week’s Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge for Innocence, I ran across only a very few that I really liked. Then I came upon the one above. There is so much truth in that sentence.
I like the innocence I have. There is so much that I’m not aware of, so much I am glad I don’t know. I fill my mind and time with things I want to know. It’s like feeding my brain good food and no junk. I’m not influenced by the media, including the social kind, nor by trends. I keep my basic core in tact and am able to look around and see how the world really is in comparison to how we are led to believe it is.
Innocence means a lot of things. Ultimately I believe innocence is the sticking to your core values and beliefs without prejudice while respecting the world around you. (I think that made sense?)

Judy E. Martin, An Author to Know.

Judy Martin at the Laptop!I am thrilled to be here on Ron’s blog to tell you a little about my new book. Firstly, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Judy and I am the blogger behind Edwina’s Episodes. I have only been blogging for just over a year now, but what a year it has been!

Now to back up a bit, I first encountered Ron’s blog through another blogging friend Hugh, who recommended I visit Ron’s blog as it had loads of hints and tips for bloggers, and also he organised this amazing weekly haiku challenge. Now, I didn’t have a clue what a haiku was, but I am always up for a challenge and I loved the ones Hugh submitted, so I popped on over to Ron’s to check it all out.

Well, that was it, once I got my head around the rules (ok I know I break them sometimes), I had a go, and then the inevitable happened and I was hooked on them! Since that first time, I have never missed a week, and in fact, I love it! On a Monday when I get home from work I love, seeing what prompt words he has Judy Martin Authorthought up to torment us with! I don’t know how he finds the time what with helping others improve their own writing, and having just finished writing his own book too! (Book plus not solicited but appreciated!-Ronovan)

As I said, I love a challenge and about two months after I started blogging I took part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) which is where, throughout the month of November, those taking part should make sure they write at least one post a day. I completed the challenge, and that set the tone really for me being a prolific poster!

Now, I love mucking around with words, manipulating them and especially making them rhyme. I have done since I was very young, so now and again I would write a poem about whatever took my fancy (I even did an Ode to NaBloPoMo)! I always try to inject a little humour in my poems; having a moan about housework, or bewailing the fact that I don’t have any vices left to give up. I even wrote my own version of Twas the Night before Christmas.’

My blog and my poems are about life in all its glory, warts and all. We all have those rubbish days, events that we want to celebrate, family that mean the world to us, or just times of appreciating the beauty of nature that is all around us: I have a rhyme for each occasion!Rhymes of the Times by Judy E. Martin

I felt it was something others could relate to and enjoy as well, so decided to go ahead and put them all into a book. Chris* designed a fantastic cover for me, vibrant and fun, capturing the tone of my book perfectly.

Why not go and check my book out. It is a wonderful opportunity to take time out, get comfy, have a cuppa and some cake, and really indulge yourself! You never know, you might even have a good old laugh too!

Links to my book:

Rhymes of the Times by Judy E. MartinAmazon Kindle:*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Thanks so much for having me over, Ron, and I look forward to the next haiku challenge!

You can find Judy online at the following sites, which will lead you everywhere else:
EdwinasEpisodes, her personal blog.
@EdwinasEpisodes on Twitter.

*Chris Graham The Story Reading Ape Blog-Every Author’s Best Friend.

This has been an Edwina’s Episodes Production brought to you by Ronovan Writes, the maker of dreams and nightmares.

Guest Author to Know: Colleen Chesebro. Inspired by Fairies. @ColleenChesebro

Colleen Chesebro

Hello, everyone, it’s me – Colleen, AKA Silver Threading. Ronovan has graciously asked me to share some of the most intimate details of my journey as I write my first novel, The Swamp Fairy.

First, I would like to thank Ronovan for featuring me as a guest author. I am honored to have this opportunity! Thank you, Ron, for your friendship and guidance.

You know, I have wanted to write a book since I was six years old. I read voraciously as a child, and I still do today. Reading and writing have always been what makes me the absolute happiest person in the world.

In college, I discovered a hidden talent for being able to write about other writer’s works. There is a special kind of thrill I get when I read a book and review it. It is a special connection I feel with the author. It’s the best feeling ever when the author realizes that you “get them.”

With all the reading I have done through the years you would think I would have written tons of books by now. The truth is, I never knew how to start. The passion was there but I had nothing that really spoke to me. I had a million ideas, I just did not know how to focus my writing energies.

When I started blogging, it was with the intention of writing and publishing a book. I decided that I would learn everything I could about writing, plot structure, and outlines. My main goal was to network and learn from others. It has been the most fulfilling endeavor I have ever undertaken! After I was blogging for about five months my creative juices were so fired up I was brimming with ideas.

Here was my inspiration:

Fairy Swamp
Fairy Swamp

When we lived in Florida (we live in Colorado now) I walked each morning down a country road near our house. It was a foggy autumn morning that changed my life forever. That was my first experience seeing the swamp fairy fluttering in a bush at the edge of Fairy Swamp. Every time I think about that first meeting, I have to slap myself! What an experience!

True Story

I began to write posts for my blog about my walking experiences. I literally looked at nature and the real life occurrences that were affecting the reality of Fairy Swamp. I watched as the natural landscape was scarred by the construction crews who began to build a massive housing area on the edge of the swamp.
That gave me my first clue of what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write a young adult fantasy novel that at the heart of the story talked about what we are doing to our native habitats.

Construction Land

Construction land next to Fairy Swamp

Little by little, I developed a basic plot for my book. I even enlisted the help of my talented daughter, Tabitha who is going to draw the swamp fairy for us since I could not capture her in a photo. That fairy moved as quickly as a hummingbird!

Nevertheless, I still struggled with the outline of my novel. One day, while searching Google I stumbled upon The Better Novel Christine takes best-selling novels like Harry Potter & The Sorcerers Stone, The Hunger Games, and Twilight and deconstructs them chapter by chapter. She shares how to study the different elements, from word counts to character archetypes. She also shares how to identify why the best sellers share a common element. I had hit pay dirt!

I am using Christine’s Master Outline to write my novel. I have plans to use it for the series, too. It is an excellent source for writing YA fantasy. Your characters and events will always be different even though you will use many of the same elements that are found in most fantasy novels. Her outline takes you through step by step how to write a trilogy story arc.

Here is the synopsis for The Swamp Fairy, Book 1 of the Heart Stone Chronicles to be published in late summer or early fall 2016:

Fourteen-year-old Abbigale Forester, recently orphaned and a Ward of the State of Illinois moves from Chicago to Florida to live with her aunt, her last living relative.

Aunt Magnolia becomes Abby’s Guardian and together they claim an ancient inheritance of land that has been in Abby’s mother’s family for generations.

Abby wears her mother’s most sacred possession – a stone pendant in the shape of a heart forged from a giant mystical stone found on the very swamp land that Abby now owns.

However, Rafe Cobb, a greedy land developer, has other ideas. He wants Abby’s land for himself and he is willing to stop at nothing to own that land.

All Abby wants is to be part of a family again and to learn to ride horses with her two new friends, Savanna, and Blake.

The swamp slowly gives up some of its secrets and Abby is summoned by a primeval nymph who teaches Abby that her true destiny is to protect the primeval nymphs from evil in an ever-changing modern world.

Can Abby save the swamp and the Naiad Nymph Clan from certain destruction before it is too late?

I want to share one other exciting aspect of my blogging experiences and how because of my participation in these events I am adding more creativity to my novel.

Ronovan hosts a Haiku Challenge with prompt words each week. I love haiku! There is something about the brevity of the words in haiku structure (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) in each line that tells a mini story.

I decided instead of naming the chapters in my novel I would use those Haiku I had written each week to enhance the beginning of each chapter. Here is one of my haiku from the challenge: (I don’t know if this particular haiku will find its way into my novel for sure)

Star is Foretold

My two loyal muses, Sugar, and Spice spend countless hours with me in my creative room as I pound away at the keyboard.

Spice and Sugar

Spice and Sugar, worn out from helping Mom write all day.

Now, I don’t know if all of this will knock your socks off when you read my book but I sure hope so! Somehow, it all feels right to me.

In fact, I can hear my fairy nymphs whispering in my ear again. Time to get back to novel writing!



Thanks for stopping by and please stay tuned to for all the upcoming information on my book. I am so excited! ❤

Would you like to connect with me? Find me on Twitter @ColleenChesebro, and on Facebook at my page Silver Threading. Stop by anytime and share your thoughts!

All information, images, and content provided by Colleen Chesebro of


The Excitement! by @YouAreTheExpert Annette Rochelle Aben

The Excitement! by Annette Rochelle Aben, also know throughout Twitterverse as @YouAreTheExpert. Click through and Click Like on over to HER blog to show how much you like her offering.

Annette Rochelle Aben


Give thanks for your life

Be one with the excitement

Feel the love inside

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben 11/23

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Book Review of Dancing to an Irish Reel by @cfullerton3

Author: Claire FullertonDancing to an Irish Reel
Title: Dancing to an Irish Reel
File Size: 373 KB
Print Length: 237 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0990304256
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing (March 6, 2015)
Publication Date: March 6, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Word Wise: Enabled
Lending: Enabled
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction
Kindle: $1.99
Paperback: $13.99
Audible: $17.95

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. And of course with me, you know that’s what you get. Good or bad. Here we go!

What happens when an L.A. music exec goes on sabbatical to Ireland? Well this is a romance, so I’ll say romance, along with love, music, and most of all confusion—caused by love, language, and longing. You might think a Southern girl who moved to L.A. might be accustomed to culture shock and speaking a different language, but Ireland is an island unto itself.

Dancing to an Irish Reel is about American Hailey meeting real Ireland and new-to-love Liam Hennessey. What you get is a story of Hailey learning about the place she comes to call home and as she learns about it and begins to understand it, she also begins to understand the man she falls for.

I like the character of Hailey. She is not your stereotype romantic leading lady that people like to think of. She is strong, knows what she wants, has common sense, and above all—she doesn’t do the typical damsel in distress routines.

Men, you will like this book. I say that because men need to realize that a great deal of books with Romance in the genre are not exactly what you may think. Movies men seem to like have romance in them and could be labeled as such in genre. So get a clue.

In other words this will hit with all people.

I found this book a bit of a surprise in some ways. Things don’t happen the way you expect, which to me is good. You want to be surprised these days. I do want to say that the character of Liam, well—Fullerton does a great job of explaining the Irish male in several places from different viewpoints. Very interesting, I thought.

You might at times want to hit Liam over the head with something, like his accordion, but then, he is a man, it’s love, and he’s young, so what else would you expect? And that is one thing that makes this book real and allows the reader to connect with it. No one is perfect in the book. Even those thought to be perfect are flawed deeply, and not entirely due to their own doing. And as for the accordion, it’s a loved instrument in Ireland and makes Liam somewhat of a local celebrity.

I loved the description of Ireland, the people, how the language works and the culture itself works in so many different ways. Those parts alone make you think you have read a much larger book because you learn so much. I view the romance part of the story as a side by side symbolic representation of Hailey’s coming to terms and coming to understanding Ireland itself.

How does the book end? Is it a happy ending? That’s something you have to find out for yourself. Does Fullerton leave things open for a sequel? Could there be a trilogy or even a series of Hailey books? Personally, I would like to see more of Hailey in Ireland. How Fullerton uses Hailey to teach us about the real Ireland is something that needs to be revisited.


I recommend this book to lovers of Ireland, real people, common sense romance, and reality.

Character Believability: 4.5Dancing to an Irish Reel
0Flow and Pace: 4
Reader Engagement: 4.5
Reader Enrichment: 4.5
Reader Enjoyment: 3.5
Overall Rate: 4.1

You may be looking at that Reader Enjoyment number and wondering why. There were certain characteristics of Liam that somewhat annoyed me at times. I think maybe it was because I’m American and he’s Irish and as Claire Fullerton explains in the book, those two types of men are different. But Liam is real to the Irish male character. Perhaps being of Scottish background, maybe it’s just me.!about/cjg9

Claire Fullerton PhotoClaire Fullerton grew up in Memphis, TN and now lives in Malibu, CA. She is the author of literary fiction, “Dancing to an Irish Reel,” which is set in Connemara, Ireland, where she once lived. She is also the author of “A Portal in Time”: A paranormal mystery that unfolds in two time periods set on California’s hauntingly beautiful Monterey Peninsula, in a little village called Carmel-by-the-Sea. Both of Claire’s novels are published by Vinspire Publishing. Claire is a three- time award winning essayist, a former newspaper columnist, a contributor to magazines including Celtic Life International and Southern Writers Magazine. She is a five-time contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series and can be found on Goodreads as well as the website under her name. Currently, Claire is writing her third novel, which is a Southern family saga based on her award winning essay in the 2013 San Francisco Writer’s Conference.

Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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Impressions-Like Sand or Cement.

I’ve been working on my Romance novel and thoughts as I lay in bed last night, attempting to go to sleep, led me to impressions. Just so all of you are aware, my brain works in odd ways and chases what some in the world call rabbits. Rabbits are something you want to see, perhaps catch, even just for a photo, but will take you far away from where you once were.

For me, rabbit chasing has always been a philosophical adventure.

As I lay there thinking about one of my characters the idea of that person’s impression on others rattled around in my head. Then I began wondering about the kinds of impressions are made.

Where I ended up next is beyond me.

Some impressions are like the impressions you see as you walk along the beach in the evening. The footsteps you travel along beside with the deep heel, shallow toes and slightly kicked up bit of packed bits of all the things that make up that sand. You think about how interesting they look, wonder who made them, how lonely they look alone in their single file. Come the next morning you return to the beach and find that after a night of sleep the impressions are gone. They have been washed away by time and by nature.

Some people are like that. They pass through your life without leaving but a momentary impression. There was nothing in the impression to stay with you. A single file of footprints in an evening beach will be seen again, and not made by the same person, on a beach far away.

Then there are the impressions in your backyard. A frame was set up—the right mixture of materials of dry to wet—smoothening of the cement—patience for the cement to set up just right—then you are brought out as a child and your feet and hands are pressed into the wet but firm cement. You are now set.

Time was taken to make that impression. Time was taken to set it firmly in place. Julius Charles Hare ImpressionsCare was taken to make certain everything was just right in order you would be a part of that world for as long as possible. There would be no overnight washing away of these prints.

I thought about impressions this morning during a conversation. The impressions we leave with our children. Those impressions are like an artist with a chisel. With each strike we leave our mark—our impression—on their minds, hearts, lives. Do we leave the impression of always being there and loving them and doing what it takes to get it ‘right’ or instead do we reinforce the impression of not caring, not being bothered to do something, thinking of ourselves first?

“The mind is like a sheet of white paper in this, that the impressions it receives the oftenest, and retains the longest, are black ones.” Julius Charles Hare

With each strike of our hammer into the chisel we set our impressions in place with our children and with those we interact with. What impression do you want to leave? Do you care what impression you leave? Have you sat back and thought about the impression you have made, are making, will leave?

This was written for my #BeWoW (Be Wonderful on Wednesday share) and for the Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Colleen Chesebro of SilverThreading.Com. Click her site link if the Writer’s Quote Wednesday does not have a link in it directly to her post for the day yet. You simply ping back to her post or copy and paste your link there. You do the same with your #BeWoW posts to here if you have one. Not familiar with a ping back? Click here to find out how.

Much Respect-Much Love


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Prompt #Challenge #Review 60.

Hello Everyone,

This week the suggested focus was to make two complete sentences out of the three lines of Haiku with the second line being the end of the first sentence and the beginning of the second sentence. It wasn’t a must, just a suggestion for those interested in moving toward or testing their ability at the traditional form of Haiku.

The closing Haiku.

The man’s bridges fell

Out of his dark lusting maw

Ron’s tongue wagged, the dog.

To be read as:
The man’s bridges fell out of his dark lusting maw.
Out of his dark lusting maw, Ron’s tongue wagged, the dog.

Now on to the Poets all of you need to begin to Follow, appearing below in the order they submitted their links. Well except the New Members appear first. I know I haven’t done that for a few weeks because of the laptop being dead and time but here I am back to it again.

NEW! Cathy Lynn Brooks (Author): Cathy is working on a work of love, a book about…well click here to find out what it’s about. As for the Haiku… A Move to Understanding | Cathy Lynn Brooks. The page about her book and the Haiku explain its meaning.

NEW! Gerard Young also known as dun dun dun SilverBulletHead!!!: A student in Ireland, gamer and writer. The Haiku will tell you that first part, sort of. Ah, the hopes of the higher educated (you get that from his About page, yes I read those.). I remember those days. Oh wait…no I don’t. I have amnesia. (No seriously, I do…I think.) Bored Genius | This Is CruserBladezz. I am wondering with a handle such as Silver Bullet Head if he would be great to have along in case of werewolves? Totally ignore everything I say from this point on. I took double medications and am really far out there at the moment. No werewolves were harmed in the making of this Haiku Review.

NEW! Steven O. Young Jr.: River Rouge | Rambings of a Drabbling Mind 100 Words at a time. Hoping this guy stays around. Some experimental poetry here and I like it. As for the Haiku, wow, another one of a them you will find running through the Review here. Man, this one is insane. And if you are into basketball, check out his other blog Above the Cylinder by clicking here.

NEW! Ruby Manchanda.: Bridges unite | Whispering Thoughts. We have an artistic one joining us with a good message. Definitely go and visit as this was our last entry of the week and thus not many have seen it yet. So go, like, share, praise. You know, do the be you thing y’all do so well.

NEW! Kat Myrman: Love Gots To Do It | like mercury colliding. Well if love has to do it then you know what it has to do, right?  About Kat: This place is an indulgence.  A place to ruminate and simmer thoughts, reflections and perceptions while also sharing an occasional fabulous recipe to die for, peppered with a bit of photo art…my new found artistic passion.

First in this week:

Juliette: A Year in Haiku | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. One year doing our Haiku Challenge, and the only person to do every single one of them, as far as I can tell. Dedication or OCD, I’m not certain but I say thank you for that continued participation. Here the woman I finally settled on calling Juliette explains how she came to be involved in the challenge. She gives not only this weeks Haiku offering but each weeks as well, with a total of 64 Haiku. If you want to see how someone has grown or regressed in their life over a time span, Haiku can be a great way to do that. Juliette has gone from being the mystery woman of the group to a mainstay veteran who I can always count on being involved. And more often than not when I see a like in the comments next to someone’s link on the Challenge post, she’s the one who has liked it. A true full on participate. @BWseekingBL

Annette Rochelle Aben (Author & Radio Host): The Mackinac | Annette Rochelle Aben. Annette chose to stay with her Michigan theme and give us a bit more history of her home state. The picture below is the subject of her Haiku. That doesn’t mean I am giving away what she says though. Remember to check her out on Amazon for her best selling offerings by clicking Author above. @YouAreTheExpert Click the picture below for the wikipedia site for the Mackinac Bridge.

"Mackinac Bridge Sunset" by Dehk - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons -

Judy/Edwina: Working for it | Edwina’s Episodes. First of all, call her Judy or Edwina, both are her names, but Judy seems to be the one commonly used in her comment section by those who chat with her, although she notes that she kind of has become fond of being called Edwina. That image she used sets off everything nicely. You may need to click the image to get a good read of the Haiku. For me that makes it even better though. 

Sue Vincent (Author): Bridge | Daily Echo. Very nature oriented Haiku. Like it. Love the contrasting colors in the photo used. Sue is one of our authors with several books available. Visit the Author link above to go to her Amazon Author Page.

TJ Paris: Star Crossed Lovers | La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. A Western Australia with a French Fetish. Very nicely done with the two sentences and opposing meanings. A touch of romance. But with a blog focused on France, especially Paris, how could he not?

Mira: overwrought | They, You And Me. Feeling anguish here, longing. Two sentence structure as was suggested to focus on. I always get that sense of wanting to give Mira a big hug when I read her Haiku. fears | To Wear A Rainbow. I would swear she can read minds at times.

Melissa Barker-Simpson (Author): Brothers in Arms | M Barker-Simpson. Call her Mel. At least that’s what she signs everything as. Not only does she have a blog but an author site as well. She’s everywhere. Now to the Haiku. I had named this one The Journey until I noticed the name in the link. I liked her explaining how she arrives at her Haiku and it makes you begin to anticipate what she’s working on. Sneaky, right? A lot of feeling here. I like it. No Twitter as far as I have found. Shame as I would like to share there. Click the Author link above to visit her on Amazon.

Me: I don’t normally put myself in here but seeing as I actually did one outside of the example this week, and I linked to the challenge, here I am. No Bridge Too Far | Ronovan Writes. You might think I would have been the first entry, but I thought that a bit unfair of an advantage. The Haiku can mean positive and negative things but moving toward the same end. I chose the positive with this offering. You can also find me at LitWorldInterviews a site I founded where I do author interviews, book reviews, and feature articles. It’s a team effort now with authors, lawyers, professors and your lover of literature giving their time to help authors. The link will take you to my specific offerings. @RonovanWrites

Al: Key to Moving | Al The Author’s Blog. Two offerings from Al this week. Got the structure in both. That first one I really like for a peaceful moment. The second? Well…That’s Al for you. @AlistairLane

Ritu: Oh those gaps. | But I Smile Anyway. Obviously a nice message. The image used is interesting and something I would like to try. Takes a lot of skill and patience.

Becky: Nature’s Bridge | Becky G? Oh, That’s Me! Can you guess what the Haiku is about from the title? When I chose it I thought it easy, but then I kept coming up with different things it could mean. I think I think Haiku to much. 🙂

Clarence: Lovers Schemes | Prairie Chat. Uh oh. Clarence is keeping with the romance here. Tapping into the Romeo side…and the people are liking it. You go Man!

R. Todd: The Bridge | A Flash of Fiction. Ah, nice one. Had not thought of this idea yet. Cool. 

Pat B.: Arches over Oregon | A season and a time. Seems a couple of people had similar ideas this week. And I must say I do love the subjects, they are fascinating pieces of art to me when done properly. This can read as one sentence or as two.

Maylian: Sensory | Personal Self Perfection. Maylian returns for a second week!!! YAY!!! Two Haiku this week from Maylian. Very much nature with some humanness thrown in. (Is it just me or does humanness “funny? Okay, and no wisecracks about how funny humans look.) Definitely go visit the blog. I love the look of it; the layout and color scheme. Very nice.

Sandra or “Daffy” as one reader called her. Whichever, the WILD ONE IS BACK! Peace | Wild Daffodil the joy of creativity. This is a MUST SEE post. So  much included in this one and for very good reasons. Definitely stop by and like it.

JK: Move Silently | The Secret Keeper. Whoa. Seriously serious thoughts there. And an appropriate image for said or suggested serious thought.  

Olga: Wait | Stuff and what if… Like the message and the image is kind of spooky in a way but also leaves a mystery to it. Nice.

Janice: Bridge | Ontheland. Two meanings for the Haiku, as Janice explains in her post. And it is a post of encouragement and inspiration. Well here we are again, well so I am anyway. This is actually much later in the order of entries and the second for Janice. Bridge of Change. This just goes to show how the Haiku challenge sticks with you no matter what you try to do. 🙂  

Denis: Survivor | Haiku Hound. Carrying on a theme, yes, I know the Haiku has a prompt and thus a theme or sorts…but hang with me here for a moment. Denis gives us a lesson about a little place just outside of Hobart Tasmania Australia. Like I’ve said before, love these types of pieces. The Haiku says a lot about the subject.

The Elusive One: Bolero | Elusive Trope. Yes, the Elusive one’s name is in the blog, but I’ll stick with Elusive for now. All I can say is I believe there was some freaking out at the prompt words, and I swear I had no idea.

Elizabeth: Madness | Tea&Paper. Ah yes, this one actually struck a chord with me when I read it earlier in the week. I’ve had to think about this often.

Meredith & Martha: Four From the Angels | Meredith’s Musings. No, that’s not really a title, but they do two apiece each week. The Bridge & Beloved Pet by Martha, and then Family Feud & Progress from Meredith. Great images. I really love them AND Beach Babes with Nick!!! Also, these ladies are facebook friends of mine and I will tell you Meredith is looking great. Visit her twitter and see either a very strange looking Beach Babe baked potato or seaweed loved coconut, I’m not sure which. @MeredithLBL

vronlacroix: Fragile | Simply Snapshots. She’s back for a second week in a row! Love it when new people come back for more AND when I see the comments on their Haiku. Awesome! Fragile is a deep one. I mean philosophically deep. Some said powerful.

Stu06Bloc9: Paired | Pitter Patter Poetry. Whoa. So there are two Haiku. Take your time and read them through. I’m still rereading as…well not AS I type this, but you know what I mean.

Marjorie Mallon (Why did I put the whole name this week? Cause it just sounds cool saying! Well…at least how I say it.): A Sweet Bridge Too Far & We’re Finished Lover |Kyrosmagica. She’s back in her groove people! I tell you this was an entertaining read from beginning to end. And if you are into Scotland and all, go check out her Edinburgh posts while she visited the Book Festival. AMAZING photos!!!  

Prakash: Move on Big River | Its PH. Yes, that’s my name for the Haiku, and if you have been reading all of this review this is just after I did the NEW! entry of Gerard, so you know I am a bit insane at the moment. But this one is both deep and funny at the same time depending on how you take it. I’m of two minds about it. Muahahahaha. Stop that Ron! What? Huh? (I just had a conversation with myself. O,o)  

Jane Dougherty (Author): Three from Lady Jane | Jane Dougherty Writes. I couldn’t really come up with one suitable name that encompassed the three, but then it struck me what better name than the name above? You all know that Jane writes beautiful poetry, and won’t enter until it’s just right. She took her time this week, for certain, and I love the painting. Always a class act. A great part of our Haiku family. And I’m not saying that because I reviewed one of her books, or because I interviewed her on my book review/interview site. Click the Author link for numerous books by her on Amazon.

Alka: Games of Chance | Magnanimous Words. She just blew my mind!!! I was not expecting this at all. The idea of using the prompts this way absolutely did not come to mind. Now that I have hyped it up so much, please go and peruse for your own enjoyment and laugh at my excitement.  

Colleen: A Hushed Moment | Silver Threading. You know, I’ve seen her blog so many times and I know the meaning but with her being part of my team on LWI, it occurred to me it could mean Silverth Reading. 🙂 Now the Haiku was amazing. Romance! @SilverThreading

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author): Star Trek | The Writer Next Door. Okay, another one that took me by surprise, but I have no idea why considering it’s from Vashti. Nothing should surprise me from her. Check out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking here. @VashtiQV

Florence: My Lullaby | Meanings and Musings. Peaceful, serene, and just right. I may not have any idea what it means, but it works for me. 🙂 As well as being a blogger, college professor, lawyer, and therapist she is also part of the LWI team. By the way, LWI stands for LitWorldInterviews, the book and author site I founded and take credit for the work of others. @FTThum

Steven S. Walsky (Author): Life is a Road | Simplicity Lane. A Tanka, meaning three normal lines of Haiku plus two additional lines of 7 syllables each using the third line as the link. A very thoughtful Tanka. I always expect humor when I vent Steven and have ended up with thought provoking of late. Click the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied. 🙂

Swatiu: To Great a Distance | imgrowing. Romantic, and sad at the same time. Nice. (You ever wonder why a guy that deals with depression all the time holds a poetry challenge every week? Glutton perhaps?)

Shailzaa: Comfort Zone | Fewunsaidwords. Okay, first of all, I just realized what the blog name says. o,O I plead the concussion excuse. Wow. I am so red. Wait, I always red, well pink actually. I may have actually understood it bfore but don’t remember. 🙂 Gotta use my out when I can. Anyway. I named the Haiku Comfort Zone from my take on the meaning of the message written. A very thinky piece, as I like to call them. It makes you sit and ponder a few moments or dozen before the pain begins between the eyes at how you can’t write like that yourself. O,o

Khor Hui Min: Utopia | Project Prose. A very topical message pulled from today’s headlines all over the world. @MinKhor

Greg: The Bridge | Potholes in the Road of Life. Got the message, both of them. The first was the Greg must have goofed his link back to the Challenge I missed it, and the second is the message of the Haiku. But then I goofed by not catching a mainstay of the Challenge not being present.

If you aren’t appearing here and did participate, please let me know. I went hunting for a few usual suspects but didn’t see a Haiku on those sites.

Also, if you have a Twitter handle that does not appear above, let me know.

Much Respect-Much Love


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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Robin Red Breast by @YouAreTheExpert

Annette, Best Selling Author and More in first with Robin Red Breast. I know I didn’t come up with an overly original title but it pretty much fits this one.

Annette Rochelle Aben


Michigan’s State bird

A robin, feathered breast, red

Nesting in pine trees

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

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Writer’s #Quote Wednesday #Friendship

In response to the weekly Writer’s Quote Wednesday community event by Colleen Chesebro of Colleen is my fellow LitWorldInterviews team member and a loyal Haiku Challenge participant.

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” ~Hubert H. Humphrey (American Vice President and Author.)

I discovered I have written specifically about friendship over two dozen times here and I guest blogs. Perhaps it’s a favorite subject of mine.

Through the Hole by @YouAreTheExpert

Annette is in first this week with Through the Hole.

Annette Rochelle Aben


Mad as a hatter

Alice found the rabbit hole

Held wonderland’s guide

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

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The Power of Negative Thinking by @drtcp

I found this TED Talk, oddly a short one,  as I was looking for talks on positivity. It’s about the Power of Negative Thinking by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a self professed dr.thomasrecovering Argentine psychologist who is a Professor of Business Psychology at University College London as well as being an author. See his books on Amazon here. It has humor but also information I am wondering what you think about. Give your thoughts in the comments below or on the the Youtube channel itself for him to see your interest. You don’t have to but if you would like to share, go for it. Listen closely.


The image is from Hogan Assessments of which the good doctor is the CEO. By clicking the image you will go to their site and read more information about the TED Talk and how it relates to the recent release of a book.

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My Conversation with @MichaelPhelps3 David Janssen-Our Conversations

I’m an old school movie and actor fan. Give me a classic on DVD and I’ll love you for life. Sorry, I don’t have the Blu-ray thing yet. Imagine my reaction when the man that said “Call me Mike, that’s what my friends call me” showed up about a month ago. If I had known Mike then like I do now I would have asked better questions. A close friend and confidant of a TV Icon. Co-author of the only authorized and millions selling biogMichael Phelps Authorraphy of the original Fugitive before Harrison Ford ever had his first credit role in film. Yes, “I’m Michael Phelps ‘the writer’, not the young Olympic Champion” as he likes to jest. Reading his books David Janssen-Our Conversations Book 1 and 2 you instantly feel as though you are back in another time walking with him as he reminisces about his friend David Janssen, TV star of so many series from Richard Diamond, Private Detective and The Fugitive, to O’Hara, U.S. Treasury. He was finally convinced to share his conversations with ‘Dave’ as he calls the Icon, now it’s time to have Our Conversation with Mike. (Note this interview originally appeared on my LitWorldInterviews site. But this isn’t like any author interview you’ve ever read.)


RW: Mike, in the Preface to David Janssen-Our Conversations you give exactly how you and David Janssen met at a party where you were working security and how the two of you created this friendship. What thoughts went through your mind about this, what I might at first glance call an Odd Couple?

MIKE: Here was this Mega-TV and film star, the same age as my older brother, and here I was, a “nobody”, not involved in the television or movie business . . . why would a celebrity like him even speak twice to someone like me. I learned later that David Janssen was in reality, just an ordinary, ‘down-to-earth’ guy who happened to be a celebrity, but yearned to have friends outside of his ‘work’ and to be treated as a ‘normal’ guy.

RW: When did the actual friendship with David begin?

MIKE: Two weeks after our first meeting he called me and invited me for drinks at The Formformosa cafe at nightosa, a nice little restaurant/bar near the studios where “The Fugitive” was being filmed.  It was 1:15 AM. That is when I learned a routine day for filming the television series may last 14 to 16 hours or longer. Also, that David Janssen always liked to stop (usually at The Formosa) and have a couple of drinks to unwind before going home.

RW: Your second meeting was a call in the middle of the night, a practice that would continue while you were in L.A. David trusted you quickly for a celebrity who valued his privacy. Why do you think it happened like that?

MIKE: I honestly can’t answer that, as I never asked Dave. I can only assume it was the fact I was NOT in the TV or film industry, when we met, I did not look at him in awe. We just had, what I would say was, a casual conversation between two guys at a party. I talked to him as if he were just an ordinary guy. He had an interest in police work and dogs, that helped, I think. Dave had no ego to speak of, and he really liked people and wanted to have friends who liked him for the man he was, not for his fame. He soon learned that whatever we discussed, I would not repeat it, it would not show up in some tabloid or fan magazine. Ellie (Dave’s first wife) mentioned that when we first talked about Dave.

RW: The after-hours drinks didn’t last forever. Mike, how did your long distance phone call friendship begin with David?

MIKE: Soon after meeting Dave, I wanted to leave Los Angeles, and relocate to New York City, as my estranged wife lived in Connecticut. At that time, I had hopes for reconciliation. So a lot was happening in both our lives. That unfolds in Chapter One, and continues throughout the two volumes.

RW: Will you give our readers an example of a story they will see in Our Conversations, something that might surprise them? Okay, maybe not surprise because you want to leave those nuggets of wonder in there for them.

“It was just after 2:30 in the morning when I pulled into his driveway.  It took him a few minutes to open the door.  He used the door as a crutch to raise himself out of the seat and steady his feet on the paved driveway.  As he leaned in and was saying goodnight, the front door of his home opened and I could see Ellie’s silhouette against the interior lighting.
She took one look at Dave and screamed; “DAVID, WHERE IN THE HELL HAVE
“Having a drink with my friend, Mike.”  He said in a soft, firm voice. With that I heard the sound of breaking glass, as David seemed to duck his head; I then noticed a dark red liquid running down my passenger window. Ellie had apparently thrown a glass of red wine and smashed it against my window.
As he turned and bent down again to say goodnight. he was smiling. From the car interior lights I saw what appeared to be red wine splashed on his caramel-colored sports jacket and royal blue shirt.
“Sorry about that . . .  see you later.”  He said, surprisingly with a smile.  As he closed the door I could hear Ellie screaming something about him missing a party.” – END of NUGGET. (LOL)

david janssen our conversations review

RW: Mike, if you would, give us an idea of the depth of your relationship with David, and his family, then and now. I want people to realize how close this friendship was. I mean even family members respected it.

MIKE: Aside from Ellie, her daughters Kathy and Diane, the only other member of David’s family I met was his mother Berniece. When Ellie and I were writing her book, we flew Kathy and Diane to Miami and had a very nice dinner at The Jockey Club. Ellie then told Diane she was including Diane’s unwanted pregnancy and subsequent abortion (at age 16) in the book. It hurt Diane deeply, and ruined their visit. Both Kathy and I took Diane’s side and implored, begged Ellie not to include that in her book. Ellie did put it in her book. Her justification being: the secrecy surrounding the trip to Mexico for the abortion, because it would have caused a scandal for David. How she figured that, we’ll never know. I have not seen nor spoken with Diane or Kathy in over twenty years. Diane told me David was planning to divorce Dani a month before his death, which of course he had also told me as well as a few close friends. I can tell you they are both beautiful and talented young ladies.

David Janssen My Fugitive Book CoverRW: The book you mentioned, the memoir by Ellie Janssen, which you co-authored with her, David Janssen-My Fugitive in 1994 has sold millions of copies. What finally persuaded you after all this time to write about your own personal friendship with David Janssen?

MIKE: Since the publishing of DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE many, many of David Janssen’s fans and a few of his close friends who knew of the friendship Dave and I shared urged me to write this book. I wrestled with the thoughts that I would be betraying his trust. A few of my close friends, Moises Raudez, one of my Godsons and CAROL CONNORS convinced me I would be doing him a favor, letting his fans see what a really nice, ordinary guy he was and how he was Carol Connors Michael Phelpsdealing with personal torments, not seen on the screen. Writing DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations was a daunting task and in some ways, cathartic for me.

RW: Knowing of the creative process behind My Fugitive I can see how you needed to put out David’s views as he shared them with you. Mike, I have to say as a former history teacher and having had to learn facts to teach each year, I had repetition to help me remember things. But with something like this, how does one recall all those conversations and facts you have in your book?

MIKE: In the Preface, I noted that I have written Our Conversations as close to verbatim as is humanly possible. I have not exaggerated nor expounded. In the beginning, I sat down at my computer and closed my eyes; thought back to the first time we met. I visualized the scene, and found I could actually HEAR David’s voice. The conversation flowed easily. I recalled every topic we discussed in that roughly forty minutes talk. I recalled meeting Ellie and her words precisely. Going forward, I found no problem recalling our conversations, whether we were meeting in a bar or restaurant, or the countless long-distance phone calls. I NEVER recorded a single conversation with David, nor did I keep a diary.

Initially, I had a problem with the dates and time line. However re-visiting the memories from the beginning, and checking some very old notes, the dates and time fell into place. This was the most difficult because there were periods I did not hear from David for several weeks at a time.

RW: It’s fortunate you were involved with the My Fugitive biography some 20 years ago. How did you organize what we see in the books and were there topics that you decided were off limits?

MIKE: I began with our second meeting, the first we had at The Formosa and the conversations we had at that time and date came to me. There was a lot going on in his life, most notably discord in his marriage, the grueling schedule of making “The Fugitive”.

There were far too many conversations to have included in the two volumes. There were conversations about politics and politicians, Viet Nam, the economy, the Six Day War between Israel and Palestinians that I could have included. I decided to concentrate on our conversations that revolved around his failing marriage, the ups and downs of his career, the women he really loved (and lost), topics I felt would be of green-beretsreal interest to his fans. I included one conversation (which Ellie had also) involving he and John Wayne during the filming of The Green Berets“, which I felt would interest his fans while showing how Dave always stood up for the ‘underdog’. Other conversations of some of the actors, directors and writers he admired and enjoyed working with. I included very little about his Mother Berniece and other family members. I deliberately left out some conversations we had where he expressed dislike for specific, well known people.

RW: Mike, you told me that the memoir with Ellie Janssen “was the most difficult project I have ever been involved with.” would you explain a little about that?

MIKE: I never had any doubt that Ellie loved David deeply. She still loved him after their divorce and after his death. She never remarried, and there were no other men in her life. However, early in our working together I could see how bitter she remained over their divorce. As she related her recollections of incidents, other people and friends in their lives, I would recall David having mentioned the same, but with a totally different perspective. Ellie made it sound as if David was promiscuous, a “womanizer” and a ‘drunk’. On one occasion, as I was typing on my keyboard, I stopped and made the comment; “Ellie . . . that isn’t what Dave told me.” she erupted into a rage I had never seen. I knew then what Dave had expressed to me on many occasions . . . her temper! I decided then to just keep my mouth shut and write what she dictated; after all, it was HER story.

RW: There are a lot of tell-all sensationalist books out there about ‘friendships’ with David Janssen Our Conversations Book 2 Covercelebrities but there is nothing of that feel in David Janssen-Our Conversations. But with names appearing I imagine some people might have been a little apprehensive when word got out you finally gave in and were writing. Did you feel a need to let any certain persons know ahead of time what you were going to write?

MIKE: The only person who knew David intimately, that I have discussed the book with is Carol Connors. Funny thing was, when I told her that David truly loved her and using his exact words, she broke into tears and said that Sidney Korshak (a close friend of Dave’s) had told her exactly the same thing.

RW: Mike, what has been a couple of reactions to the book so far?

MIKE: Since the release one gentleman stated; “The book is all about booze, women, lawyers and dogs.” Well, I don’t know what he was expecting . . . but, during the fifteen years I knew David Janssen that is what took up the space in HIS world, as well as HIS work, which the gentleman failed to mention.  Just today, I had a telephone call from Mr. LES LANNOM, who guest starred onHARRY O episodes. We have had many conversations, but today he called to tell me had finished reading the books; and I quote: “Mike, you really caught the way David spoke . . . the way he treated people.” David liked Les Lannom; liked working with him, liked him as a friend. Les, who is about my age, looked upon David as a friend and a mentor.

RW: Were there any push backs from people when they heard you were writing Our Conversations? If so, how did you handle those? You seem very professional so I can’t see David Janssen Our Conversations Book 1 coverpeople really concerned with what you would say.

MIKE: There were only a few people who knew I was working on this project. Aside from Carol Connors, just Moises Raudez and a few devoted fans of David’s that I met through “THE-FUGITIVE-VIEWS-AND-REVIEWS” on Yahoo Groups. There are a few that I mention in the Dedication page who were very supportive of me and inspiring me as I worked. It has been a four and one half years journey into the past with my friend, and I hope I did it right. I encountered a few health issues along the way, so my writing was interrupted a couple of times.

RW: Our Conversations have kept me glued while reading. The information you share, the writing, the flat out honesty. I’m not saying this so our readers will go buy the book. I know readers will buy what they want to, but I have to say this: these would be one great holiday gift for a TV/film buff. Have you given thought to writing a movie script based on them?

MIKE: No, I have not even considered this would make a good movie . . . maybe it would, I don’t know. I will say that I believe a movie, perhaps a Made-for-Television Movie about David Janssen’s LIFE would be excellent, and is long overdue. I’ve seen some Biography movies of celebrities on the A & E channel, and most are of celebrities of far lesser importance as to the individual’s contributions to the entertainment industry.

David Janssen Our Conversations Review

RW: Mike, you knew him probably as well as any living person, the inside of him, who would you pick to play David Janssen in that movie?

MIKE: Were such a prospect of a film based on David’s life come to be, were I to have anything to say about it, JON HAMM (“Mad Men” fame) would be the only actor I feel could BE David Janssen. DAVID Jon Hamm Mad MenJANSSEN had a charisma, a magnetic personality that just drew people to him. He was so dedicated to his craft, and it was so important that he performed every single line or every single scene to PERFECTION!  David had an amazing photographic memory. He could and did MEMORIZE an entire one hundred + page script, not only his lines, but the dialogue of every single actor involved. He was not seeking entertainment industry awards, he was just determined to provide his fans with the best he could do, to make certain they were “getting their monies worth.”  There are many Hollywood Stars who have long ago passed away, yet they made such an impact on their fans, they will forever be remembered. David is at the top of the list.


To say today has been one of the best for this fan is an understatement. ‘Mike’ is author Michael Phelps, who happened to have been friends with a TV Icon. There is more to Michael Phelps than what you’ve seen so far and more about his friendship with ‘Dave’ as well. Click here for part two of the interview. You won’t be disappointed. But go ahead and grab his books now.

You can connect with Mike on Twitter

Acquire his books either on his Author site here or on Amazon here.

Read My LWI review of Volume 1 by clicking here. For my Amazon version click here.

David Janssen Our Conversations Book 1 coverDavid Janssen Our Conversations Book 2 Cover






*A note about Carol Connors-You might know her from the song To Know Him is to Love Him when she was lead singer of the Teddy Bears. She also co-wrote the ROCKY theme song. Yeah, the boxer not the flying squirrel.

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It’s After Midnight.

It’s after midnight
Santa’s done been and gone
His reindeer were a bit messy
They took liberties on the lawn

I guess that’s okay
As long as I get something nice
I wonder if I’ll get
The complete series of Miami Vice

I’ve eaten enough dressing
I’ve had a lot of the oink
Too bad this year
I didn’t get a Christmas . . .

Anyway, I should be asleep
But that doesn’t seem to be the case
I keep considering taking a peek at the tree
But there is not even a nightlight in this place

What do I really want for Christmas
Well let me count them one by one
I would like to have a literary agent
Who makes deals like they’re holding a gun

Give me a one of a kind thought
To write a best selling book
One with a lot of action
And a lot of steam for the leads as they cook

Find me the right publisher
Who thinks I am the best
Takes me under their wing
And ignores all the rest

Then give me a life long talent
To write book after book a hit
So whenever I need to express myself
All I need is a laptop and a place to sit

Give me a muse to inspire me
Make her something to behold
Give her all my dreams fulfilled
Even the ones I’ve never told

Now I best get to sleep
I hear an odd thumping
It’s either Santa back for another pass
Or there is someone upstairs um bumping




PS: There’s not really any good oink around here anyway. Just saying.

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Excerpt from my Interview with author, Michael Phelps.

On Monday I will be sharing my interview with Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps AuthorAuthor and very good friend of the late David Janssen, star of the TV series The Fugitive and others. Michael had a friendship with David Janssen unlike others. It’s not a tell-all book. I have it. I’m reading it. I am loving it.  I wanted to share a short piece of that interview today. He shared so much that it may even be a two day event. The man is open and can make you feel at home telling you about a beloved actor and how he put David Janssen: Our Conversations together.

RW:  How does one recall all of those memories you have in your book?

MP:  To write this book, I began with the Preface.  Here I gave the
background of how Dave and I met, how our friendship developed over time.
Here was this Mega-TV and film star, the same age as my older brother, and
here I was, a “nobody”, not involved in the television or movie business .
. . why would a celebrity like him even speak twice to someone like me.  I
learned later that David Janssen was in reality, just an ordinary,
David Janssen Our Conversations Michael Phelps‘down-to-earth’ guy who happened to be a celebrity, but yearned to have
friends outside of his ‘work’ and to be treated as a ‘normal’ guy.

In the Preface, I noted that I have written Our Conversations as close to
verbatim as is humanly possible.  I have not exaggerated nor expounded.
Since the publishing of DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE, Ellie Janssen’s memoir that I co-authored; many, many of David Janssen’s fans and a few of his
close friends who knew of the friendship Dave and I shared urged me to
write this book.  It was CAROL CONNORS who finally inspired me to take it
on.  In the beginning, I sat down at my computer and closed my eyes;
thought back to the first time we met.  I visualized the scene, and found
I could actually HEAR David’s voice.  The conversation flowed easily.  I
recalled every topic we discussed in that roughly forty minutes talk.  I
recalled meeting Ellie and her words precisely.  Going forward, I found
no problem recalling our conversations, whether we were meeting in a bar
or restaurant, or the countless long-distance phone calls. I NEVER
recorded a single conversation with David, nor did I keep a diary.
Initially, I had a problem with the dates and time line.
However re-visiting them from the beginning, and checking some very old
notes, the dates and time fell into place. This was the most difficult because there were periods I did not hear from David for several weeks at a time.

RW:    Was there a lot of outlining, gathering of information and the like? For example, did you remember and write in order or did things come and you then had to determine where they fell in the time line?
David Janssen Our Conversations Michael Phelps Author
MP:    I started with our first meeting.  Then two weeks after our first
meeting he called me and invited me for drinks at The Formosa, a nice
little restaurant/bar near the studios where “The Fugitive” was being
filmed.  It was 1:15 AM.  That is when I learned a routine day for filming
the television series may last 14 to 16 hours or longer.  Also, that David
Janssen always liked to stop (usually at The Formosa) and have a couple of
drinks to unwind before going home.
There is a lot more to come on Dec. 15 & 16 on LitWorldInterviews. I don’t share those interviews that much here, but I will those.


Much Respect



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Ronovan Writes and People Read

My first Featurette! I am so honored and humbled by Marianne doing this. I had no idea anyone thought that much of my site to do such a thing. Thank you, Marianne!
Much Respect

Validated! #NaNoWriMo 2014

Winner-2014-Web-BannerNational Novel Writing Month

Finally had the courage to validate it today. 50, 292 words of a YA adventure book. Nice experience and now I might have some time to get back to Blog World.

I even made a cover for it. I don’t know how Chris The Story Reading Ape does it.

Yes I put his link in there because seriously, if you have an author for a significant other, child, sibling, parent, or whatever and you want to give them a gift for Christmas they would love you for life for, go there and contact Chris. A custom designed book cover is a dream come true.

Much Respect


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Awesome Blog Name of the Day: Poetic Parfait by @christybis

Spotlight rightSpotlight left






I just had to share this Blog Name

Poetic Parfait


Here is just the beginning of her about page.


Sit down and stay awhile. Hungry? Let me grab you something. Poetic Parfait is a delicious treat for the mind.

Read poetry, enter discussions about the poetic word, listen to music, and embrace words that intend to inspire.

I began Poetic Parfait in 2011, and the amount of support it receives on a daily basis humbles me. I began to write poetry at this site as a way to help myself get through a period of depression. As I typed the lines, I found they helped me work through my feelings and darkness that I felt around me.

Jeanne Bannon Q&A Nowhere to Run @JeanneBannon

Check out my interview with

Author Jeanne Bannon.

Featured Image -- 5910

Paranormal is her norm, now she’s throwing some romance our way. Great answers, a nice lady. Come over and support her and check out her book. Why do the bad boys grow up to be . . . well, read the book.

Lit World Interviews

Nowhere_to_Run_Jeanne_Bannon.jpgNowhere to Run


Jeanne Bannon

An excerpt from the book:

A creak came from the back of the diner. Lily lifted her head to listen. Another small groan of the floorboards. Could Sara be giving her a sign?

“Sara?” Lily slid off the stool.

A tall, dark figure loomed in the doorway.

Lily froze, her heart near exploding. “What do you want?” she choked out in a thin voice.

He stepped nearer. “Open the register.” His voice was a deep whisper.

A balaclava hid his face; the seams of a dark gray coat strained over a thickly muscled physique. He aimed the gun in his right hand at her chest.

Her feet seemed rooted to the floor.

“I said, open the register.”

The man moved close enough for Lily to catch his scent—a mix of sweat and cheap aftershave. He shoved her forward, snapping her from her stupor, and…

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Q&A Sandi K Whipple Dancing with a Cowboy @whipsan

Everyone go and check out

Sandi K Whipple’s interview

on LitWorldInterviews,

yeah my other site.

Military Air Traffic Controller turned author? Say what?

Lit World Interviews

Dancing With A Cowboy

Reviews of previous work Loving Adonis

The happy ending is full of twists and surprises that I couldn’t foresee, and it made up for all the frustration.-Trish Jackson (Author) 4 out of 5 stars

I’ll tell you this was a very sweet but frustrating read but that is not a bad thing it this case. You have this amazing couple that fall in love with each other the minute they meet and yet they spend the entire book confusing each other because they are to stubborn to talk….Keep the tissues handy and enjoy a GREAT READ!-DD Gott 5 out of 5 stars

My guest today just kind of ended up being one of those finds. I liked what I saw so I asked her for an interview. It’s pretty much that simple. Okay, so I had to send the information and then received an okay. But now we have her…

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Q&A Olga Núñez Miret of Escaping Psychiatry @OlgaNM7

Everyone go and check our our very own Olga Núñez Miret!



And read her interview. I knew she would be fascinating, just didn’t know how much.


Lit World Interviews

Escaping Psychiatry finalEscaping Psychiatry

Olga Núñez Miret

“All three stories offer a great insight into psychological work and naturally allow the wonderfully interesting characters to be explored with depth and analytical sharpness.
On the way the author manages to include deep thoughts aboout a variety of subjetcs, making this a thoughtful and enjoyable read.”-ChristopherFischerBooks

“Through the genuinely interesting characters in her book, Olga weaves a so quite spellbinding study into the dynamics of life. Once one begins reading, it really truly IS difficult to put down. “– Dr. Glen Hepker (author of “A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health)

“Olga Nunez Miret writes with a fine eye for the minutiae of human motivations and interactions. I, for one, hope this is not the last we have seen of the author’s central character, the reluctant psychiatrist, Mary. She deserves more outings than a paltry three.”-Diogenes

When I first learned of my…

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